12:47 AM EDT, Wed August 24, 2016
Blazersedge Aug 15, 2016

What is Chris Kaman doing next season?

Since the start of July, we've heard nothing about the future of Portland Trail Blazers free agent Chris Kaman. But if he decides to play on next season, where is his best landing spot? He’s 7-feet-tall, almost 270 pounds, but it seems the one man that has stealthily slipped past the focus of blazer fans this summer has been Chris Kaman. The hunting and fishing-crazed behemoth is the only Blazer from the 2015-16 roster (with the exception of Cliff Alexander) who is yet to find a new home. Portland currently has 16 men on its roster, so the chances of the big man playing for the Blazers in...
Blazersedge Aug 15, 2016

Are NBA Teams Ever "Better Than Their Record"?

A Blazer's Edge reader asks if it's possible that the Trail Blazers are better than their record. We examine the issue, pointing out the one case in which the designation might hold. Monday Mailbag time! If you have a Portland Trail Blazers question, fire it off to blazersub@gmail.com and we'll try to answer! Oh, great czar of BE, Listening to the most recent BE podcast, you and Dan seemed to concur that it is reasonable to expect the Blazers will win a few games more than last year, and that they have "solidified, not gotten better". I think that reasoning, applied to this offseason is...