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Orange County Register Oct 31, 2014
Nearing 30, feisty Paul says he's still in his prime

Nearing 30, feisty Paul says he's still in his prime

LOS ANGELES – It was a throwaway question near the end of shootaround, but it stuck with Chris Paul enough that he brought it up as he walked away. Someone mentioned that Paul would turn 30 this season, that windows in the NBA slam more often than...
Clips Nation Oct 24, 2014

Clippers Player Profile: Chris Paul

In the final installment of this year's Player Profiles, the spotlight shines on the guy who came to Los Angeles and gave the Clippers legitimacy. But, in what will be his 10th NBA season, Chris Paul needs to help push the franchise over the hump. CHRIS PAUL PPG RPG APG FG% 3P% FT% WS/48 PER TS% eFG% 2013-2014 19.1 4.3 10.7 .467 .368 .855 .270 25.9 .580 .511 Career 18.6 4.4 9.9 .472 .357 .857 .246 25.6 .575 .508 When you're a 7-time NBA All-Star, been selected to the All-NBA First Team four times, and been picked to the All-Defensive First Team four times, there's not much else...
Salt Lake Tribune Oct 14, 2014

Utah Jazz notes: Rookie Dante Exum takes lumps against All-Star Chris Paul

One of the game’s best helped teach the lesson plan for Monday night’s installment of Dante Exum’s NBA education. Clippers point guard Chris Paul made life difficult on the Utah Jazz rookie. Paul twice baited Exum into reaching in for the ball, only to watch as Paul swiped underneath his arm to draw a foul. The All-Star and his L.A. teammates also showed Exum the strength and power needed to play at the highest level, forcing the rookie to turn the ball over eight times on the night. “It was a r...
Clips Nation Oct 9, 2014

The Daily Clipper - Chris Paul the greatest?

Chris Paul and his legacy, some more of Blake Griffin and his shooting ability and a possible Steve Nash rumor. Where would you put Chris Paul in the all-time NBA list of greatest players? Is he in the same category as the likes of John Stockton for being one of the best Point Guards to play, but to never win a ring? Or would you throw him into the Isiah Thomas and Gary Payton category? In an article over at Basketball Insiders they discuss on how the likes of Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony get buried in "all-time best" arguments. Yes, they're still playing the game, but it's not very far...

Chris Paul says training camp was 'one of the best' he's ever had

Training in Sin City apparently was a big hit with the Clippers.

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