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2,015 Questions- #0388: How big of a role will Cole Aldrich play this season?

After signing a one-year contract with the Knicks earlier this season, Aldrich may finally have the opportunity to play serious minutes in the NBA. It's odd that Cole Aldrich is still searching for his place in the league. It wasn't that long ago that Aldrich was selected 11th overall in the 2010 NBA draft, and despite putting up solid per-36 numbers he's yet to seize the opportunity to advance beyond the end of a pro rotation. Perhaps this will be the year that Aldrich establishes his value in the eyes of NBA executives and fans. How much responsibility can Aldrich shoulder this season for...
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An imagined conversation between Cole Aldrich and Jose Calderon about ham

An imagined conversation between Cole Aldrich and Jose Calderon about ham

It's August. Interior, Knicks locker room, the near future. Cole Aldrich is chatting with a team equipment manager who has long since lost interest in the conversation. Cole: But yeah, I'm done using glue to stick tires to my wall. The oatmeal just dries so much faster and it's del-- Jose Calderon enters and makes his signature "hang loose" gesture, the crowd applauds. Cole: Oh, Jose! Hey Jose! [to equipment manager, who isn't even facing Cole anymore] Sorry, one second. I need to talk to Jose. Jose: Hola, Cole. The crowd laughs and applauds. Cole: So, I was looking online and I saw...

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