6:43 AM EDT, Tue May 03, 2016
The Dream Shake Apr 17, 2016

Why on earth did Corey Brewer start for the Rockets in Game 1?

Still trying to understand why Brewer started, plus other takeaways from the Rockets loss to the Warriors. Everyone expected the Rockets to fall but few of us expected to see a 104-78 beating by the Warriors. The eight seed from Houston got a free schooling from the NBA champions and with the loss, they are three games away from elimination. The Rockets were straight up embarrassed on national TV, they were outclassed and the Warriors had the upper hand from the tipoff to final whistle. The Warriors led by double digits for most of the game and the Rockets starters barely played in the...
The Dream Shake Apr 9, 2016

J.B. Bickerstaff has proven he is a bad NBA head coach

Jeff Van Gundy can drool all he wants, it doesn't change the facts. The Rockets' loss to the Mavericks this week was not the first time I realized J.B. Bickerstaff was not up to the job of coaching the Rockets. I knew I didn't want him to return, and I've been fairly confident he won't return. Now, my feelings about him have gone from disappointed resignation to frustrated anger. Yes, Kevin McHale also had a bizarre affection for Corey Brewer, but Brewer played a lot better under McHale than he has this season. Against the Mavericks, when a win would have all but sewn up a playoff spot and...

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