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Which Danny Granger are the Miami Heat getting?

Which Danny Granger are the Miami Heat getting?

Danny Granger was an All-Star, team leading scorer and elite defender. But removed from injury and his normal scene, what Danny Granger are the Miami Heat going to get? For five consecutive seasons (2007-8 -- 2011-12), Danny Granger was the leading scorer on the Indiana Pacers. All but that first year the Pacers made the playoffs and Granger had seasons averaging 19.6, 25.8, 24.1, 20.5, and 18.7 PPG. Granger as an All-Star, Team USA member, and respected leader among the NBA. In 2012, Granger suffered from various knee injuries. Left patellar tendinosis sidellined Granger for all but 5...

ASK IRA: Is Danny Granger being overlooked?

Q: Everyone seems to have written Danny Granger off, but Granger still has an All-Star pedigree, with maybe a little left in the tank. -- Claudia, Miami.

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