6:23 PM EDT, Wed October 22, 2014

Green: ‘I have to be smarter, more careful’ with social media

Danny Green said he needs to be "more smart, more careful" on social media after posting a thoughtless caption on a selfie he took at the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin.
Rotoworld Oct 11, 2014

Danny Green sits out on Saturday - Danny Green (G/F) San Antonio Spurs

Danny Green did not play against Fenerbahce Ulker on Saturday.
Pounding The Rock Oct 9, 2014
Danny Green learns an important Twitter lesson

Danny Green learns an important Twitter lesson

After snapping a picture of himself at a monument, Green's thoughtless Tweet offends and is dealt with. This is why Gregg Popovich probably wishes that none of his players were on any kind of social media at all. With the Spurs are in Europe for the NBA Global Games, Danny Green visited the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin and snapped the following picture, originally posted with the below text. (Screengrab via The Guardian) "You know I had to do it one time lol #Holocaust" Obviously, lol'ing at the deaths of millions of people isn't a good idea -- and it's almost certainly not what Green...

Green apologizes for caption on Holocaust selfie

Danny Green apologized after an unfortunate choice of words to caption the selfie he took during a visit to Berlin's Holocaust Museum.

1-on-1 with Danny Green

Coverage from the Spurs media day continues with an interview with guard Danny Green.
Pounding The Rock Sep 25, 2014

Danny Green is a Scrub and more Spurs Talk

Listen in as I ask Phil the question you've been dying to ask him; why is Danny Green a scrub? His answer might surprise you. Sometimes you just have to ask questions. It's much easier than making assumptions and on today's Phil Naessens Show I had the opportunity to ask Phil a question that I already knew the answer to but many of you don't. It happened during our discussion about this article on whether or not Danny Green was a product of the Spurs system and that led me to asking Phil the following question; Why do you always refer to Danny Green as a "scrub"? You may or may not agree...

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