5:40 PM EDT, Wed October 22, 2014
Rotoworld Oct 15, 2014

Darren Collison pours in 16 first-half points - Darren Collison (G) Sacramento Kings

Darren Collison scored 16 points in the first half of Wednesday's loss to the Nets, finishing 6-of-13 from the field with 18 points, four 3-pointers, three rebounds, six assists and one steal.
Sactown Royalty Oct 9, 2014

Collison and Sessions demonstrate point guard by committee option

Newly acquired guards Darren Collison and Ramon Sessions are showing how the point-guard-by-committee option may be the way to go for the Kings this season. The Sacramento Kings have two veteran point guards at the helm this season that have served as backups for most of their respective careers, but Darren Collison and Ramon Sessions together could end up being a recipe for consistent production at the one spot this season, regardless of who starts. Collison and Sessions have 12 years of combined NBA experience and both play with the up-tempo style of offense the Kings front office...
Sacramento Bee Oct 5, 2014
Ailene Voisin: Collison hopes to make a point with the Kings

Ailene Voisin: Collison hopes to make a point with the Kings

Darren Collison recognizes he has big, er, small, shoes to fill. Isaiah Thomas was extremely popular during his three seasons with the Kings. He was feisty and stubborn, charismatic and athletic, and he had a knack for squeezing between defenders and scoring in the lane. Darren Collison drives for a basket playing for the Los Angeles Clippers against Oklahoma City in last season’s playoffs Sacramento Kings coach talks with new guard Darren Collison during practice on Tuesday, Sept. 30, 2014. Sacramento Kings guards Darren Collison and rookie Nik Stauskas practice on...
Sactown Royalty Sep 26, 2014
30Q: Can Darren Collison make the Kings better?

30Q: Can Darren Collison make the Kings better?

The Kings replaced Isaiah Thomas with Darren Collison. Could the move actually help the Kings? Isaiah Thomas is a better point guard than Darren Collison. This isn't exactly a controversial statement in Sacramento, or around the league.  So why would the Sacramento Kings decide to send Isaiah Thomas to the Phoenix Suns in a sign-and-trade and replace Isaiah with Collison?  Now, keep in mind that this isn't a direct one-to-one replacement.  In addition to Collison, the Kings signed Ramon Sessions and still have Ray McCallum.  We don't really know how the minutes will be split, and we...
Clips Nation Sep 25, 2014

The Jordan Farmar Conundrum

For Clipper-Bruin fans like the Zhivmeister, the replacement of beloved and enriched Darren Collison by purple-and-gold contaminated local par excellence--his dad went to Uni!--Jordan Farmar is confusing. I gotta say, this is a tough one.  Somehow it feels like there are layers upon layers to the backstory and significance of Jordan Farmar replacing Darren Collison as the Clippers backup point guard, and I'm having a lot of trouble finding the essence of the narrative and figuring out my own feelings about it.  But maybe it's possible that the Farmar situation is the best example we have...

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