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Pounding The Rock Sep 2, 2015

LaMarcus Aldridge ranked 12th, Tim Duncan 11th in SI's top 100 list

The Spurs will have three top 15 players next season, according to Sports Illustrated. Sports Illustrated is ranking the league's top 100 players. As we've already discussed, David West and Manu Ginobili were snubbed while Tony Parker was ranked 54th. Three other Spurs have made an appearance on the two following updates, with Danny Green landing at 50, LaMarcus Aldridge ranking 12th and Tim Duncan 11th. When it's all said and done, the Spurs will have five players on the top 100, four in the top 50 and three on the top 15, according to SI. Let's star with Green. Danny has proved to be...
Pounding The Rock Sep 2, 2015

Building the best-ever Spurs starting lineup

This isn't as easy as you might think Basketball columnist extraordinaire Jesus Gomez had an interesting post the other day about how David West, who may well be a bargain next season considering his veterans-minimum salary, doesn't seem to be the best roster fit for the Spurs given his strengths and weaknesses and those of his teammates. I wrote a while back that the most logical way around those issues would be to play him exclusively with either Tim Duncan or LaMarcus Aldridge (preferably the former) instead of, say, Boris Diaw. It got me thinking about who would be a better fit than...
Pounding The Rock Aug 31, 2015

Tony Parker ranked 53rd in SI's top 100 list, Manu Ginobili, David West snubbed

Parker's injury-riddled 2014/15 season has definitely affected the perception of his value. Sports Illustrated is ranking the 100 best players in the league, like they do every year. The first part has been published, ranking players ranging from 100 to 50 as well as mentioning others that were close to making the cut. Three Spurs were among those included: Manu Ginobili, David West and Tony Parker. Manu and West were among the notable snubs, ranking behind Josh Smith, Reggie Jackson, Deron Williams, Joe Johnson and Donatas Motiejunas, among others. Tony, meanwhile, was ranked 53rd in...
Pounding The Rock Aug 29, 2015

David West doesn't fit with the Spurs' second unit

West is still a very good player but the skills he brings to the table are not the ones the Spurs need from a fourth big. It's been a while since a veteran looking for a ring joined the Spurs. The last one was Antonio McDyess, who might or might not have been San Antonio's second choice after Rasheed Wallace. So obviously it's nice to see David West spurn other contenders, leaving $12 million dollars on the table and deciding to wear Silver and Black next season. Because of how exciting it is to see someone want to be a Spur that badly and because West is a consummate pro, his addition was...
Pounding The Rock Aug 10, 2015

Pacers expert tells Spurs fans what to expect from David West

Nearly every player says it's not about the money -- time to get to know the new Spur who actually means it. Besides signing LaMarcus Aldridge, the biggest surprise of the off-season was David West deciding to leave $12 million on the table in order to come to San Antonio. In order to learn more about the man, I reached out to Tom Lewis of Indy Cornrows for the low-down on the Spurs' latest veteran off-season acquisition. This conversation is still ongoing. Check back for updates.

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