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Clips Nation Jul 24, 2015

Austin Rivers Leaves Relativity Sports, Dan Fegan

Could DeAndre Jordan follow him? Sports business reporter Liz Mullen reported this interesting piece of news earlier today. LA Clippers G Austin Rivers has left Relativity Sports. — Liz Mullen (@SBJLizMullen) July 24, 2015 If you're unaware, Relativity Sports' basketball operations are run by none other than Dan Fegan. Fegan of course represents DeAndre Jordan, who froze him out when reneging on his verbal commitment to the Dallas Mavericks and re-signing with the Clippers. Fegan didn't show up to DeAndre's house to be present to sign his max deal either; his second-in-command Jarinn...

Mark Cuban asked if Mavs would pursue Deandre Jordan again if he was back on the market

In Mark Cuban’s interview with TMZ on Wednesday (or whatever you call walking up to the Sharknado 3 star and asking three questions), the Mavericks owner was asked what the chances would be of him pursuing free agent Deandre Jordan …
Houston Chronicle Jul 22, 2015

Mark Cuban gets crude in dissing DeAndre Jordan, Clippers

The DeAndre Cuban/Mark Cuban saga was revived Wednesday, with the Mavericks owner opening up on being jilted by the free-agent center in an interview with ESPN Radio. Cuban used a sexual reference to describe the reunion between Jordan, a Houston native, and the Clippers, the only NBA team he’s played for during his seven-year career. […]
Orange County Register Jul 21, 2015
Cementing his legacy as a Clipper ultimately is what drove DeAndre Jordan to return

Cementing his legacy as a Clipper ultimately is what drove DeAndre Jordan to return

LOS ANGELES – DeAndre Jordan’s first taste of his new life with more responsibility, more attention and more notoriety almost got off to the worst possible start. Eager to begin the process of moving on from a free-agent flip-flop that captivated...
Clips Nation Jul 21, 2015

Clippers free agent press conference -- Excited to be here

The Clippers introduced their free agents to the media today. It was the first time DeAndre Jordan has answered questions since his change of heart, but today was about platitudes, not tough questions. The press conference where the Los Angeles Clippers introduced their new free agents was a fairly de rigeur affair. The fact that DeAndre Jordan was one of eight people on the dais (seven players and Doc Rivers) was a little surreal. As far as I know, barring some exclusive of which I am not aware, this is the first time that DeAndre has answered direct questions from the press since his...
Mavs Moneyball Jul 21, 2015

DeAndre Jordan should just stop talking

DeAndre Jordan tries to explain himself through a tailored public relations effort This morning, DeAndre Jordan released a short post and video on the Player's Tribune called "Getting it Right", which was supposed to explain, from his point of view, why DeAndre made the decision to spurn the Mavericks and return to the Clippers. In "Getting it Right", Jordan continues to get it wrong. It's important to understand that the Player's Tribune is a fancy charade of a website that claims all posts are directly from athletes. Awful Announcing reported back in March that all written posts are...
DeAndre Jordan releases statement, but avoids key issues in reneged deal with Mavericks

DeAndre Jordan releases statement, but avoids key issues in reneged deal with Mavericks

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Chicago Tribune Jul 21, 2015

Clippers' DeAndre Jordan writes of change of heart about joining Dallas

DeAndre Jordan detailed his decision to back out of a commitment to the Dallas Mavericks on the Players' Tribune website late Monday night, writing that he "struggled" with the choice that ultimately led him to stay with the Clippers.
Clips Nation Jul 19, 2015

The Magical Mind of Adam Silver

Adam Silver met with NBA overlords today and spewed out the most amazing bunch of transparently bogus rhetoric ever devised. I mean seriously, dude. You can read all the gory details from Kevin Arnovitz here, and from Ken Berger here, but I'll try and melt it down a bit. Adam Silver addressed the NBA owners in Las Vegas yesterday and he covered several things, most fairly unimportant and mundane. Let's cover those quickly: DeAndre Jordan's change of mind was "not a good look" for the league, but the NBA "moratorium" isn't going to change because no one has a better plan. Finals...
Mavs Moneyball Jul 16, 2015

Q&A: Talking with Legends assistant coach Travis Blakeley

We speak with Legends Assistant General Manager Travis Blakeley The dust is slowly settling on free agency and we now have time to consider the future. Despite an interesting bounce back from the DeAndre Jordan snafu, the Dallas Mavericks are looking at a tough road, both this season and beyond. With that in mind, Summer League, player development, and the Texas Legends should begin to play more of a role in our fandom. While at summer league, I had the chance to talk with Legends Assistant General Manager Travis Blakeley. (Full disclosure, Travis and I have known each other since 1997.)...
Mavs Moneyball Jul 15, 2015

Mark Cuban flawlessly delivers Los Angeles/DeAndre Jordan joke at ESPYs

And he teamed up with Dwight Howard for the delivery! I'm happily enjoying Summer League ball tonight, but the ESPYs are also going on. Of course Mark Cuban is there and participating. Here's Dwight Howard setting him up. And Mark Cuban hits a home run with a harmless DeAndre Jordan joke. I wasn't watching but I *hope* DeAndre was referencing this superearthquake.

Report: Doc Rivers' daughter swayed DeAndre Jordan to spurn Mavericks, stay with Clippers

Based on a new report, free agent DeAndre Jordan’s decision to change his commitment from the Mavericks to the Clippers was influenced by someone outside of team huddles for either team. A source said he believes Doc Rivers’ daughter, Callie, …
Mavs Moneyball Jul 13, 2015

Why NOT tanking is the right move for the Mavericks

Dallas looks to have shelved plans to tank next season for now and that's a good thing. After DeAndre Jordan committed to Dallas more than a week ago, Mavs owner Mark Cuban revealed in an interview that the team would have gone into tank mode had they missed out on the Clippers' big man. But after Jordan reneged on his deal this week, the team appears to have shelved any plans for outright tanking. Dallas first honored its commitment with shooting guard Wesley Matthews, signing him to a $70-million deal. The team then traded a highly protected second round pick for Bucks center Zaza...
Blazersedge Jul 12, 2015

Fantasy Basketball Mailbag: Jordan, Smart and Drafting Rookies Edition

Phil answers BE readers Fantasy Basketball questions in the very first installment of Fantasy Basketball Mailbag at Blazers Edge! I'm honored that you dear Blazers Edge readers have sent in so many Fantasy Basketball questions. In fact there were so many that we decided that every couple of weeks or so I would select the three most asked questions and them here.....so here we go! Dear Phil, I drafted Deandre Jordan on all of my teams knowing full well that I wasn't going to win the ft category. My reasoning was that he is a solid guy for 3 categories while only costing you one. Do you...
Orange County Register Jul 11, 2015
Dallas Mavericks owner Cuban scoffs at Jordan's apology, eyes Williams

Dallas Mavericks owner Cuban scoffs at Jordan's apology, eyes Williams

Two days after Clippers center DeAndre Jordan went back on his word and shocked the NBA by deciding not to sign with Dallas, Mavericks owner Mark Cuban was still reacting to the move – on and off the court. Cuban made it clear Saturday he placed...

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