6:01 PM EDT, Fri July 03, 2015
Bullets Forever Jun 17, 2015

Evaluating DeJuan Blair's rough first season in Washington

DeJuan Blair's first season in Washington was the worst of his career. Is there any hope he can turn it around? Six years ago on this very draft site, we hosted a community draft board to rank the top prospects in the 2009 NBA Draft. DeJuan Blair went 6th on our board, ahead of guys like Ty Lawson, Tyreke Evans, Brandon Jennings and some fella by the name of Stephen Curry. This may have been influenced by our incessant campaign to show that DeJuan Blair was underrated, but it happened. Why all the love for Blair? He was a productivity machine at Pittsburgh. He didn't have NBA height or...
Washington Post Jun 8, 2015

Wiz Insider: DeJuan Blair season in review: Hopes to crack a heavy Wizards frontcourt rotation never materialized

The season began with DeJuan Blair filling the role the Wizards had envisioned, although he bent the rules along the way.After Paul Pierce and Joakim Noah mixed it up in a preseason game between the Wizards and Chicago Bulls, Blair was one of four players to (illegally) leave the bench and insert his burly, 250-pound frame into the scrum, all while feigning the role of peacemaker. The move led to his suspension, along with Nene’s, for the regular-season opener but more significantly, it was one of the few times that Blair made it onto the court.Read full article >>

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