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Raptors HQ Aug 24, 2015

The HQ Interview with DeMarre Carroll, who's ready to seize "an opportunity of a lifetime"

In an exclusive interview, DeMarre Carroll gets candid about Canada, how the Raptors should play as a team, and where exactly he wants to grow on offense. It's been a long road to Toronto for DeMarre Carroll. After three years on the fringe of NBA rosters, Carroll made an impression as a defensive-minded member of the Utah Jazz, then developed his offense to become a two-way force with the Atlanta Hawks. Now, he's got the money to speak to his rise; the recipient of a 4-year, $60 million contract, Carroll is the leading player in a dramatic off-season overhaul for the Toronto Raptors. The...
Toronto Sun Aug 22, 2015
DeMarre on the defensive for Raptors

DeMarre on the defensive for Raptors

He’s got a much fatter contract and a larger projected role than ever before, but don’t expect DeMarre Carroll to try to become something he is not.

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