10:53 PM EDT, Fri August 26, 2016
New York Post Aug 12, 2016

Phil Jackson: Derek Fisher was in trouble ‘almost from the start’

In the latest installment of “The Phil Jackson Chronicles” from Charley Rosen, Jackson dishes on the firing of Derek Fisher and how he and the former Knicks coach differed in their training philosophies. Jackson mostly praised Fisher, but it seems as though the Zen Master just didn’t think Fisher’s best was good enough — especially when...
Posting and Toasting Aug 12, 2016

Phil Jackson explained the Derek Fisher firing by crapping on those dang millennials

Let’s be done with this topic, shall we? Knicks president Phil Jackson is many things — basketball lifer, motorcycle enthusiast, occasional tweeter, mystic seeker — but above all he is a powerful old man. And no matter where they come from, powerful old men tend to explain their motives in a similar way ... by disparaging young people. So it was with the Zen Master’s explanation for firing Derek Fisher in part 5 of “The Phil Jackson Chronicles.” Last week’s edition covered a meeting with Phil that took place 10 days before Fisher was canned, and at that time Jackson seemed...
New York Post Aug 11, 2016

Knicks schedule gets off to extremely rude start

The new-look Knicks will get an extremely early test – the defending champions on opening night. The NBA released its schedule Thursday, and it includes the Knicks kicking off the season in Cleveland against LeBron James and the Cavaliers on Oct. 25, before returning home four nights later to host the Grizzlies on Oct. 29....
New York Post Aug 9, 2016

Pulse of the NBA player? Derek Fisher ‘not my type of guy’

Former NBA forward Stephen Jackson weighed in on the feud between Derek Fisher and Matt Barnes, and he is decidedly not on Fisher’s side. “First, I don’t talk to Derek Fisher,” Jackson told Hoops Hype. “He’s not my type of guy. Matt Barnes is my buddy. I really don’t believe in playing with a guy … You know...
Posting and Toasting Aug 5, 2016

Phil Jackson seemed pretty dang pleased with the Knicks 10 days before firing Derek Fisher

The plot thickens in Part 4 of "The Phil Jackson Chronicles." Phil Jackson is an unpredictable dude, particularly once he opens his mouth. It's not just that he has no filter; his thought patterns are legitimately difficult to follow at times, and he seems to enjoy surprising people. The Zen Master proved as much on February 8 when he fired head coach Derek Fisher seemingly without warning. The period leading up to the Fisher firing was always going to be one of the more highly-anticipated sections of Charlie Rosen's "The Phil Jackson Chronicles." Phil has been notoriously blunt in his...

Derek Fisher: ‘I have no steadfast plan to play again’

Derek Fisher is reportedly interested in making a comeback as a player. Thats ridiculous, because Fisher is nearly 42 and has completed a head-coaching tenure with the Knicks. So, everyone laughed at him. Now, hes trying to quiet the jokes. Fisher: On-court workouts have been part of my regimen since I played my last game. []

Cutler on Martellus Bennett: Hopefully Brady can do a better job finding him

In an entertaining interview with ESPN The Magazine,Patriots tight end Martellus Bennett shared his feeling that Jay Cutler is the worst quarterback in the NFL. Bennett went on to explain that when the two players were with the Bears, Cutler wouldthrow into double coverage when Bennett was open in another part of the field. When
Oakland Tribune Aug 3, 2016

Derek Fisher eyes return to NBA as a player

Longtime Lakers guard and former Warriors starter hoping to play in the NBA despite closing in on 42.
Bullets Forever Aug 3, 2016

Derek Fisher is reportedly considering an NBA comeback

Derek Fisher hasn’t played an NBA game since 2014, when he logged 32 minutes in the Thunder’s elimination loss to the Spurs in the 2014 Western Conference Finals. In the two years that have passed since that game, he was hired by the Knicks to be their head coach, got in an incident with Matt Barnes, and later was fired by the Knicks after a disappointing run in New York. Now, it looks like he might be open to giving it one more shot as a player, based on a report from Ian Begley of ESPN: Sources told ESPN on Wednesday that Fisher has indeed been "exploring options and expressing...
New York Post Aug 3, 2016

Derek Fisher eyes playing return, and maybe there’d be one taker

The Knicks do need a third point guard. Former Knicks head coach Derek Fisher indicated he could come out of retirement when he posted an Instagram video of himself working out on the basketball court with the phrase: “Imnotdoneyet.” Fisher, fired by president Phil Jackson in February partly because of failing to communicate, could be...
New York Post Aug 3, 2016

Latrell Sprewell surfaces with Knicks regrets, Reggie Miller ‘hate’

Latrell Sprewell has been mostly off the grid in recent years, but emerged in a live podcast with actor Michael Rapaport this week in his hometown of Milwaukee. The enigmatic ex-Knicks guard, now the owner of amazing blond dreadlocks, fondly remembered his time in New York during the 90-minute interview with the actor, who is a...