2:18 AM EDT, Sat May 30, 2015
NetsDaily May 21, 2015

2014-15 Brooklyn Nets Player Review: Deron Williams

We're getting closer to the NBA draft and off-season, and today we're going to take a look back at the Nets' starting point guard, Deron Williams. The numbers How'd the year go for D-Will? Let's get into it: 2014-2015 Deron Williams Games Played 68 Minutes per game 32.2 True Shooting percentage 56.4 Assist rate 29.1 Turnover rate 10.6 Usage rate 21.9 Rebound rate 5 PER 15.7 Win Shares per 48 .083 Before the season began, I wrote in the big season preview: This is perhaps the most important season of Williams'...
Deseret Morning News May 13, 2015
Morning links: Deron Williams back to the Jazz?; ESPN on BYU soccer; Former RSL goalie meets the man he saved

Morning links: Deron Williams back to the Jazz?; ESPN on BYU soccer; Former RSL goalie meets the man he saved

Is a Jazz/Deron Williams reunion a possibility? ESPN features the BYU men's soccer team journey from top collegiate team to...
NetsDaily May 3, 2015

Status report: where the Nets stand

The Nets face a long summer of tough decisions with the likely outcome being a different roster. Continuity, the key resource the Hawks used to go from 38 to 60 wins, is unavailable to the Nets because of repeater tax concerns and the lack of trade assets, particularly draft picks. Here's a primer on where things stand, in ascending order of uncertainty and importance. Under contract through the end of 2015-16: Joe Johnson, owed $24.894 million next season; Deron WIlliams, owed $21.042 million next season with a player option of $22.331 in 2016-17 in 2016-17; Jarrett Jack, owed $6.3 million...
NetsDaily May 2, 2015

For the Nets and Deron Williams, continuity is key

It all comes back to continuity when Deron Williams speaks about the Nets and their past/future. After all, when the Nets moved to Brooklyn - they wanted to model themselves after the Spurs, a franchise that's strived due to continuity and consistency the past 18 years. Make note, the Nets made sure they didn't model the franchise after the Knicks, having won more playoff games in their three years in Brooklyn than the Knicks have in the past 15. In Williams' 4.5 seasons with the Nets, he's had four different coaches with a different roster almost every year. After his disappointing first...
New York Post Apr 30, 2015

The reason behind Deron Williams’ encore flop

Here are three thoughts on the Nets’ 107-97 loss to the Hawks in Game 5 of their best-of-7 first round series Wednesday night: 1. No one expected Deron Williams to...
NetsDaily Apr 29, 2015

Nets fall short in Game 5, trail 3-2 in the series

As they say, the Nets go wherever Deron Williams takes them. And a five-point performance won't cut it. After owning defenders and scoring 35 points in Game 4, Deron Williams laid an egg yet again. Williams scored five points on 2-of-8 shooting and like the first three games of the series, he looked disengaged from the very beginning. The Nets weren't feeling much like an eighth seed after winning two straight games at home. However, the top-seeded Atlanta Hawks humbled them in Game 5, 107-97, and now own a 3-2 series lead with Game 6 scheduled for this Saturday. The Nets' stars were...

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