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SLC Dunk Aug 26, 2015

Utah Jazz big three of Gordon Hayward, Derrick Favors, and Rudy Gobert will make opponents sing the blues - Downbeat 1713

Jazz babies, and the big three The Utah Jazz aren't done making moves, and but more importantly, the stars of the Jazz aren't quite done nesting yet. It's hard not to love what this team is doing, and it's fun to speculate on what they can do together if they stick together. Gordon Hayward, Derrick Favors, and Rudy Gobert are a legit big three. And all three of them can be historically important players for the franchise, and help the team ascend in the tough Western Conference. Today we look at each of those three players in a different way, and also check out what former Jazz CEO Greg...
SLC Dunk Aug 14, 2015

Utah Jazz bigmen Derrick Favors and Rudy Gobert will dominate teams in 2015-2016

While the team is guard light, our bigs are really heavy duty. The Utah Jazz are still rebuilding, but that's not to say that the team doesn't already have some fantastic building blocks already. The foundation for the team's next long playoff run is already set, and with Gordon Hayward (currently auditioning for USA Basketball's Olympic team) taking care of things on offense, watching him back on defense will be Derrick Favors and Rudy Gobert. Yes, there's uncertainty at the point guard spot with an injured Dante Exum, less than impressive Trey Burke, and rookie Raul Neto . . ....
SLC Dunk Aug 11, 2015

The Downbeat #1702: The Derrick Favors Gives Back Edition

Your Tuesday Downbeat! Derrick Favors is constantly proving why we love him so much! Yesterday he treated kids to back-to-school supplies, playing lightening at ZBBC, and a pizza party! Watch video of it here: Derrick Favors - Back to School Party Watch: http://t.co/LhT5iIvLf7 @dfavors14 pic.twitter.com/yFK4btOZmE — Utah Jazz (@utahjazz) August 10, 2015 We love you Derrick! Dime magazine agrees with us and Gobert that Favors being snubbed from the mini-camp, just doesn't make any sense.  Check it out here: Accounting for his prior USAB experience and current level of...
SLC Dunk Aug 10, 2015

Downbeat #1701: "Derrick Favors is Furious!" Edition

Derrick Favors is furious and will not be appeased until all of his enemies have been vanquished! Look for Power Forwards to be added to the endangered species list by the time Favors' career is over. The last couple weeks have been pretty tough on Utah Jazz fans. There's been the gut-wrenching injury that will leave our best player at our shallowest position out all year. Derrick Favors was snubbed from the 34 player Team USA pool. The Lakers haven't disbanded as a franchise or moved to Seattle yet. Sometimes fate is cruel. But alas, we shall get through it! Spencer has you all covered...

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