3:50 AM EDT, Tue May 31, 2016
Blog a Bull May 25, 2016

Scenarios where the Chicago Bulls trade up in the 2016 NBA Draft

Let's craft up a scenario where the Bulls trade up in the draft. The 14 spot offers a lot of options for the Bulls, they can pick from a handful of players and the mock draft experts show that the Bulls can go a number of different routes when it comes to their draft pick. But apparently the Bulls are looking at another option, trading up. According to reports from the Chicago Tribune's K.C. Johnson a few weeks ago, the Bulls are looking to draft a point guard. The Bulls are looking towards the future and with Derrick Rose entering his final year of his contract, it seems clear that the...
Blog a Bull May 17, 2016

NBA Draft Lottery: Bulls slotted to pick 14th in the 2016 NBA Draft

To nobody's surprise, the Bulls now officially will select 14th in the NBA Draft. The draft lottery was held tonight, and the Bulls were selected to pick 14th in this year's upcoming draft. Bulls Lottery Recap https://t.co/zfTM9YdepD — BullsBlogger (@BullsBlogger) May 18, 2016 This comes as no surprise granted that the Bulls had a 1.8% to get into the top 3 and a 0.5% chance to get a number one overall pick. Those odds were lower than 2008 when the Bulls miraculously got the first pick, where they had a 1.7% chance. That pick turned into Derrick Rose and we all know the rest of the...
NetsDaily May 15, 2016

Jeff Van Gundy: Nets will need to be patient as losses mount

Sean Marks has been quite conservative in his assessments of the Nets future ... no timetables for contention, no predictions on free agency, and generally limited pronouncements of any kind.  It's the Spurs way. On Monday, the Nets will introduce Kenny Atkinson as their head coach and there will be an opportunity for both Marks and Atkinson to comment on immediate goals. Expect more of the same. That's a good thing, Jeff Van Gundy tells Brian Lewis, because the Nets are going to have a hard time in 2016-17. Winning 40 games would be, said JVG, "incredibly successful." "I don’t know if...

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