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Posting and Toasting Jul 22, 2016

Derrick Rose talked pick-and-rolls, offseason conditioning and super teams

Jeff Hornacek promised him more pick-and-roll possessions. It's a good thing. Recently-acquired point guard Derrick Rose made a faux pas in an interview with NBA.com's Lang Whitaker which was posted on Friday. His statement was kind of dumb, and the reaction to it on the Basketnet Interball was fairly rabid. But first, let us cover the areas of Rose's interview which actually matter to the Knicks, starting with his discussions with head coach Jeff Hornacek on his role in the Triangle: I talked to Coach Horn, and he was saying with the Triangle he would have to vary the Triangle to have a...
Newsday Jul 22, 2016

Knicks now in 'super team' category with Warriors, says Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose said the Knicks are now in the same "super team" category as the Warriors, according to NBA.com.
San Jose Mercury News Jul 22, 2016

NBA super teams are Warriors... and Knicks?

Derrick Rose said he's heard talk of Golden State and New York being among that category.
New York Post Jul 22, 2016

Derrick Rose goes too far, compares Knicks to Warriors

Derrick Rose’s visions of Knicks grandeur grow by the day. On Wednesday, Rose told Slam Magazine he thought the Knicks “have a chance to win every game, and in the league, that is rare.” Very rare. In fact, the only team you could say that about with a straight face would be the Warriors, who won an NBA-record 73...

Derrick Rose believes he's helped form a 'super team' with Knicks

I think somebody needs to explain to Derrick Rose what a super team is.In a recent interview with NBA.com, Rose talked about the
New York Post Jul 21, 2016

Derrick Rose’s Knicks optimism is out of control

Derrick Rose isn’t saying the Knicks can go 82-0. But the point guard’s rosy view of the new-look roster is he’s now part of a team equipped to go toe to toe with any opponent in the NBA. “I just love the group,” Rose told Slam Magazine. “I think we have a chance to win every game, and...
New York Post Jul 20, 2016

The Jim Boeheim call to sell Carmelo Anthony on Olympics

LAS VEGAS — Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim said he knew Carmelo Anthony was wavering about playing in the 2016 Olympics given all the defections and health and safety concerns in Rio. So Boeheim placed a call to the player who helped him win the 2003 national championship to try to convince him Team USA needed him....
New York Post Jul 20, 2016

Carmelo: Dwyane Wade to Knicks was closer than you think

LAS VEGAS — Not that Carmelo Anthony is pining for him, but the Knicks star thinks if the momentum for Dwyane Wade to leave Miami occurred earlier this month, the Knicks may have had the cap room to snare him. The Knicks had talks with Wade, but he ultimately signed a $23.5 million per year...
New York Post Jul 7, 2016

Joakim Noah says goodbye to Chicago

As Derrick Rose did upon joining the Knicks, center Joakim Noah wrote a letter to Chicago fans on Thursday, thanking his former home for the memories. The New York City product, who will be introduced as a Knick at a press conference Friday, wrote a letter printed in the Chicago Tribune that cited the Windy...
New York Post Jun 30, 2016

Derrick Rose is in full-on recruiting mode for the Knicks

ORLANDO, Fla. — Derrick Rose’s words have already resonated with center Joakim Noah. Now Rose is trying to sway shooting guard Eric Gordon to reunite with him in New York. According to an NBA source, Rose has reached out to Gordon, the free-agent shooting guard who’s had injury issues, but is the best 3-point shooter...
New York Post Jun 30, 2016

Knicks can’t stop gambling on injury-prone veterans

ORLANDO, Fla. — Assuming the Joakim Noah signing takes place, the Knicks may want to have their entire season sponsored by the Hospital for Special Surgery — as the hospital is doing for the summer-league squad. The durability of the Knicks’ four presumed starters — they don’t have a shooting guard — will be under...
New York Post Jun 30, 2016

Phil Jackson, Joakim Noah meet with possible $70M deal on table

ORLANDO, Fla. — Joakim Noah will meet Friday afternoon with his hometown team in New York, and barring unforeseen circumstances, he is expected to fulfill his childhood dream of playing for the Knicks. Dialogue on contract numbers began officially between the parties at 12:01 a.m. Friday with an NBA source saying it could average $17.5...
New York Post Jun 30, 2016

Knicks coach coyly sets his expectations for Joakim Noah

ORLANDO — Jeff Hornacek, at no point mentioning Joakim Noah by name, said he wants to specify in recruiting meetings with free-agent centers that the Knicks are going for it now and seek a pivot who won’t be used just as a defensive specialist. Under NBA rules, Hornacek is not permitted to talk about any free agents by...

Jimmy Butler on Derrick Rose trade: ‘It had to be one of us’

There was a belief the Bulls had to trade Jimmy Butler or Derrick Rose. Butler apparently subscribed to it. Butler on the Derrick Rose trade, via ESPN: I cant say that I was surprised. But I knew that it had to be one of us, to tell you the truth. I was never convinced Chicago []

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