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Nelson talks Dirk, Devin, what's next for Mavs

LAS VEGAS -- President of basketball operations Donnie Nelson spent a few minutes with ESPN Dallas on Friday to talk about Dirk Nowitzki's new deal, Devin Harris being back with the club, the summer league in Las Vegas and what other moves the Mavs may make. Dirk's deal: When Dirk Nowitzki said he'd re-sign with the Mavs early in free agency, sources would only say that Nowitzki had accepted a three-year deal similar in structure to the last contract signed by San Antonio's Tim Duncan, which was a three-year, $30 million deal.

The breakdown on Devin Harris’ deal, which is good for both sides

Devin Harris got a good deal. And by the way, so did the Mavericks. The two sides agreed shortly after free agency opened on a contract. But what we didn’t know is that it’s for four years, not three, although …
Mavs Moneyball Jul 9, 2014

NBA Free Agency: Examining possible point guard/small forward duos in Dallas

Dozens of rumors have helped give us an idea of what Dallas is trying to do this offseason, but here's a look at what the team could look like when the offseason finally comes to a close. The fear of writing anything about this time in free agency is that within hours -- or even minutes -- it could be sent into irrelevance by a 140-character tweet that changes everything. At this point of the offseason, though, we're pretty sure what that tweet might say about the Mavericks: that they've signed a point guard or a small forward. Devin Harris is officially back and he will reportedly come off...
Los Angeles Times Jul 5, 2014

Devin Harris returns to Mavericks

The Dallas Mavericks are bringing back Devin Harris in what could be a more prominent role for the point guard.
Rip City Project Jul 5, 2014

Mo Williams likely to re-sign as Devin Harris Commits to Mavs

The Portland Trail Blazers have made re-signing free agent point guard Mo Williams a high priority. Although cap space has been a limiting factor in their other free agency pursuits, Williams can be re-signed using the Non-Bird exception if he agrees to their proposal, which is unlikely to include the three more years Williams is […] Mo Williams likely to re-sign as Devin Harris Commits to Mavs - Rip City Project - Rip City Project - A Portland Trailblazers Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and More
Mavericks keep Devin Harris with 3-year, $9 million deal

Mavericks keep Devin Harris with 3-year, $9 million deal

Harris agrees to a contract that he had initially been offerend last year before a toe injury was uncovered.
Mavs Moneyball Jul 5, 2014
Dallas Mavericks re-sign Devin Harris to a three-year deal

Dallas Mavericks re-sign Devin Harris to a three-year deal

Harris was the first free agent the Mavericks met with this off season and is now reportedly following Dirk's lead in taking a sweetheart deal to stay in Dallas. Update: Tim McMahon is reporting that Harris will continue to come off of the bench because the Mavs like him and Brandan Wright together. Hopefully this means the Mavs intend to get rid of Felton somehow and sign an actual starting point guard. Mavericks, I'm told, are closing in on a verbal agreement to bring back point guard Devin Harris. Sides expected to strike three-year deal — Marc Stein (@ESPNSteinLine) July 5,...

Devin Harris gave Mavs a great deal

The inflation in the market for backup point guards didn’t end up affecting the Mavericks’ negotiations for Devin Harris after all. Harris and the Mavs agreed to the same deal they originally struck last summer, only to mutually agree to pull it off the table after the discovery that he needed complicated toe surgery. The three-year deal for a little more than $9 million is a great bargain for the Mavs in a market in which point guards Shaun Livingston and Darren Collison were given the full midlevel exception, getting three-year, $16 million deals from the Golden State Warriors and...

Mo Williams, Devin Harris have been linked before

The Mavericks have been in contact with the agent of sharpshooter Mo Williams, which would be an interesting addition to the roster. Williams has a history with Devin Harris, although it involves nothing that happened on the court. As Williams’ …

Mavs still confident they'll keep Harris

Mavericks sources continue to be confident that they’ll figure out a way to keep Devin Harris. The team's point guard Plan A is just likely to cost the Mavs a little more than they anticipated. Golden State gave Shaun Livingston a three-year, $16 million deal, using the full midlevel exception. Sacramento will sign Darren Collison to an identical deal. Harris is certainly in their class, so it’s reasonable for him to expect to be paid in the $5 million-per-year range.

Price rising, but Devin Harris remains No. 1 priority at point guard

The Mavericks’ point-guard situation is revolving solidly around Devin Harris, even though it may take more than last year’s three-year, $9-million offer that was pulled when a physical showed that the veteran would require foot surgery. “We’re doing everything in …
Devin Harris wants to stay in Dallas if the terms are right.

Devin Harris wants to stay in Dallas if the terms are right.

Guard Devin Harris wants some stability in his new contract to remain with the Dallas Mavericks.

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