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Playoff open thread: 05/24/16

Are the Warriors in trouble? Is Dion Waiters actually good now? Stay tuned! Included with each matchup is a list of each team's unrestricted (UFA) and restricted (RFA) free agents. I've added a few players who will probably opt out of their contracts this summer, ignoring the Dirk Nowitzki and Tim Duncan types who certainly aren't going anywhere. Go future Knicks! 9:00 PM - Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Golden State Warriors Thunder Free Agents: Kevin Durant (UFA), Nazr Mohammed(UFA), Dion Waiters (RFA), Randy Foye (UFA) Warriors Free Agents: Harrison Barnes (RFA), Festus Ezili (RFA,Ian Clark...
Welcome to Loud City May 20, 2016

Sounds of Thunder: more Dion Waiters will help Thunder tip the scales vs the Warriors

Dion Waiters may spell the difference for OKC's chances vs Golden State. After earning a split in the first two games of the Western Conference Finals, the Oklahoma City Thunder return to action Sunday night against the Golden State Warriors with an opportunity to regain the the lead in this best of seven series. Most pundits predicted the Thunder would return home needing a win in game 3 just to keep their heads above water, and I can not stress enough how important it is for the Thunder to regain the rebounding edge they secured in game 1 if they want to maintain home court advantage from...
Daily Thunder May 18, 2016


On today’s podcast Jon Hamm joins to discuss the following topics: GAME 1 WIN AGAINST THE WARRIORS!!! How did the Thunder do it? STEVEN ADAMS DION WAITERS A complete breakdown of game 1 And
Welcome to Loud City May 16, 2016

WTLC roundtable: A mega-sized Thunder-Warriors preview

Five questions, six writers and the zombie apocalypse. 1. Let's talk about that second round series for a second. What was your main takeaway from how the Thunder played? Brandon Jefferson (@DOTcom_2): The reliability of Dion Waiters and Enes Kanter. Both players have been a cause of concern for OKC during stretches of their time with the Thunder. Their acquisitions actually made people question the genius of the one and only Sam Presti (insert gasp). Much like the Thunder as a whole, these two key reserves have been inconsistent during the regular season. However, after two series--in the...
Liberty Ballers May 14, 2016

Philadelphia Trainer Reveals Joel Embiid Starts Playing Two-on-Two Next Week

*heavy breathing* Joel Embiid is more folk hero than NBA player at this point, but the latest entry in his saga will be a welcome sight for Sixers fans. From the Instagram page of Philadelphia-area trainer Chuck Ellis: It's only a text screenshot, but Ellis -- who has trained local players such as Dion Waiters and Wayne Ellington -- seemingly has no motivation to fake this sort of thing, so I'm going to choose to believe this is 100 percent authentic. He also seems to be one with The Process... Gotta Trust The Process! #GodsTiming #StayGrounded #LordITrustU...
Daily Thunder May 11, 2016

Down to Dunk Ep. 243: Game 5 Spurs vs. Thunder Recap with Jon Hamm

On today’s podcast Jon Hamm joins to discuss the following topics: GAME 5 WIN!!! The Ultimate Westbrook Game The calming presence that is Dion Waiters Enes Kanter’s arms Serge Ibaka? And much more! Thanks
Welcome to Loud City May 11, 2016

Last Chance Film Room: OKC's defense by Dion Waiters and Andre Roberson are eroding the Spurs offense

We go to the film to see how our shooting guards are using persistence to wear out the San Antonio players, as well as Roberson's potential offensive uses. I'm really excited about writing this article. I've avoided spending too much time talking about my guy Andre Roberson and my bandwagon/adopted guy Dion Waiters (I finally washed up onto Waiters' Island) because there have been so many defensive concepts worth looking at (Adams and Kanter beasting, defensive adjustments, Westbrook taking a game off). However, I think it's time to give our shooting guards some love for the effort they are...
Golden State Of Mind May 6, 2016

Thunder vs. Spurs open thread: Why is Oklahoma City saying anything about San Antonio?

The Thunder will face the Spurs tonight at 6:30 p.m. PST with the series tied at one game apiece. I don't know about you, but if I was a professional basketball player facing the San Antonio Spurs, I probably wouldn't talk trash or really say anything about them that might give them motivation to quietly shut me up. Apparently, some members of the Oklahoma City Thunder think differently about the matter. On Wednesday, it was Dion Waiters talking about the Spurs' strategy. Today, it was Andre Roberson saying that he "got the better of" Kawhi Leonard in Game 2. "Game 2, I got a better feel...
Pounding The Rock May 6, 2016

The Spurs should consider small ball against the Thunder in Game 3

Or at least go with Diaw instead of West. Sorry, David, but this is just not your series. The final seconds of Game 2 between the Spurs and the Thunder got most of the attention following Oklahoma City's close win, and for good reason. There were multiple missed violations, including a blatant elbow thrown by Dion Waiters. There was also a terrible final possession for San Antonio, who had the chance to win it but couldn't convert even though they had an advantage. That crazy ending overshadowed the rest of the game, but there was plenty to learn from what came before it. In particular,...
Pounding The Rock May 4, 2016

Dion Waiters serves up tasty bulletin board material for the Spurs

You can't win a war of words with a team that refuses to fight, but you sure can lose one. The San Antonio Spurs don't engage in a war of words with their opponents. Whenever they're asked to comment on their opponents, they consistently reply in the most complimentary (some would say boring) way possible. It doesn't make for the most interesting pre-game buildup, but it's what they do. After a series in which the Oklahoma City Thunder verbally sparred with the opposing team's owner (the loquacious if not belligerent Mark Cuban) it appears that Dion Waiters hasn't quite transitioned into...
Pounding The Rock May 4, 2016

Spurs Highlights: Tony Parker throws unbelievable behind the back pass during Game 2 vs. OKC

Parker still has that magic. During Game 2, which would inevitably end in bizarre fashion, Tony Parker made a play which deserves further recognition. Seriously though... this TP assist https://t.co/qf0AlOZ5Y3 — San Antonio Spurs (@spurs) May 3, 2016 In traffic, behind the back dime to LaMarcus Aldridge for the three pointer?? You gotta be kidding me with that! (h/t Spurs twitter)
Welcome to Loud City May 3, 2016

Game 2 Analysis: Aldridge drops 41 but Thunder survive Spurs, 98-97

The Thunder refused to double-team, forcing the Spurs into iso ball. In a controversial, wild finish, the Oklahoma City Thunder managed to inch past the San Antonio Spurs, 98-97. The controversial play in question came during the last 13.5 seconds of the game. The Thunder were up 1. Dion Waiters was inbounding the ball. Ginobili got close to Waiters, and Waiters made contact with Ginobili. It was a non-call, though. Every Thunder player was being shadowed, so Waiters lobbed it to KD. KD mishandled the lob, and the ball was stolen by Danny Green. Green ran towards the basket, flanked by...
Welcome to Loud City May 3, 2016

Thunder vs Spurs, game 2 quick recap: OKC Steals One In San Antonio, 98-97, evens series 1-1

A crazy Dion Waiters-led catastrophe almost brings more fourth quarter woes for OKC, but the Thunder hang on to even the series at 1-1. box score | Pounding the Rock What a difference a game can make! Russell Westbrook was in full control from the opening tip and his 29-point, 10-assist, 7-rebound effort was the driving force behind a tide turning victory as the Thunder won game 2, 98-97, and evened the series at 1-1. Kevin Durant chipped in an efficient 28 points and tallied seven boards and four dimes as well. Lastly, Steven Adams did phenomenal work on both ends of the court, finishing...
Daily Thunder Apr 28, 2016

Down to Dunk Ep. 238: Royce Young previewing Spurs vs. Thunder

On today’s podcast Royce Young joins to discuss the following topics: The Thunder mentality this season What advantages OKC has against the Spurs Expectations for Enes Kanter Dion Waiters being awesome Predictions for the
Welcome to Loud City Apr 28, 2016

Dion Waiters: Is the Emergency Over?

Has Dion Waiters transformed from Thunder liability to key playoff performer? As both a hype man and critic of Dion Waiters, I feel it my duty to revisit the most controversial man in Oklahoma City not named Kyle or Randy. In January, I deemed him an "emergency" of historic proportions, an albatross for any legitimate title contender. A the time, he was dragging the Thunder down with a horrifying -2.9 box plus/minus while playing 27 minutes a night (fourth most on the team). Fast forward to the Oklahoma City Thunder’s brutalizing of the Dallas Mavericks in the first round of the...

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