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Houston Chronicle May 10, 2015

Rockets rookie Clint Capela taking in lessons from NBA veterans

Rockets center Clint Capela is making the most of his time in the postseason so far. The rookie, who spent most of the season in the D-League is getting an education with each game. After banging around in the paint against Tyson Chandler, Amar’e Stoudemire and Dirk Nowitzki in the first round, Capela is now […]
Mavs Moneyball May 5, 2015

An up-and-down 17th season for Dirk Nowitzki leads to offseason questions

A look back at the heart and soul of the Dallas Mavericks. Looking Back Before the start of the 2014-2015 campaign, I wrote the season preview for Dirk Nowitzki. Coming into his 17th year, figuring out what to expect from the best player to ever don a Maverick uniform was daunting. Between his best and worst case scenarios, the big German finished somewhere in the middle. His season numbers were right in line with previous seasons, with a slight decline in statistical output due to a decline in both minutes and role. Dirk Nowitzki started the off season accepting a massive, nearly unheard...
Mavs Moneyball May 4, 2015

Can the Mavericks still build a title contender around Dirk?

Today's roundtable question asks about Dirk Nowitzki and the impending rebuild without him. Today, we begin a series of roundtable questions recapping the season that was. It will run a question per day for the next week, focusing on a few various aspects of the team's season. Here's today's question. Dirk Nowitzki turns 37 this summer. Is there time to retool around him once more or should the Mavs go into a full rebuild, even if it'll take two or three years? Hal Brown (@HalBrownNBA): I don't think the team needs to retool "around him" in the sense that if old-Dirk is your centerpiece...
Mavs Moneyball May 1, 2015

Dirk Nowitzki on Olympics participation, mental exhaustion and more

The Mavericks finished for the season with exit interviews on Wednesday. Here's a quoteboard of what Dirk said. On evaluating season "I think our goal was, we talked about it in October, that we would love to have homecourt advantage in the first round, to get out of the first round or put ourselves in a good position to get out of the first round. And we didn't achieve that. Probably various reasons, some injury problems, really not consistent enough, not winning enough against the good teams, on the road or at home. You've got to find a way to win your fair share of those." On why it...
Mavs Moneyball Apr 29, 2015

Chandler Parsons ready for 'bigger role' with Mavericks next season

Concerns over a late season knee injury linger, but Parsons and the Mavericks are confident in his role moving forward. The late season knee injury that forced Chandler Parsons to miss the regular season's final six games and all but Game 1 in their first round playoff series against the Rockets robbed them of a fighting chance to pull up a postseason upset. With 10 players hitting free agency and Dirk Nowitzki aging, it also took away the one known quantity of Dallas' team headed into yet another offseason full of questions. Parsons still doesn't know when or even what his surgery will be,...

Dirk Nowitzki, nearing age 37, contemplates coming off bench next season, playing for Germany this summer

From 2007 to 2010, Dirk Nowitzki came to season-ending exit interviews with the media and would say, “another year of my prime wasted.” He’s has an NBA championship in his pocket now, so his perspective has changed, but he’ll be …
Seventeen years into legendary career, Dirk Nowitzki still has passion to get better

Seventeen years into legendary career, Dirk Nowitzki still has passion to get better

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The Dream Shake Apr 22, 2015

Rockets Breakdown: Pick and Rolls and Wrinkles

Josh Smith took over the offense and led the Rockets to a Game 2 victory over the Mavericks. The Rockets were determined to make Dirk Nowitzki guard and continually put him in pick and roll situations last night. Multiple times, it was initiated by James Harden at the top of the key with Josh Smith setting the screen while Nowitzki attempted to defend. It was just as effective in Game 2 as it was in Game 1. In the second half with Harden on the bench, the Rockets turned to Smith to run the offense. Unconventional? Yes. Stoppable? No. The Rockets kept Nowitzki busy trying to contain the...

How Rondo, Ellis and Carlisle respond will decide Mavericks’ fate

Dirk Nowitzki nailed, as he often does, when assessing where the Mavericks are right now. “There’s a lot of good teams in this league and you got to play hard, play together and play smart,” he said. “That’s the only …
Mavs Moneyball Apr 22, 2015

3 things we learned from Mavericks' Game 2 loss to the Rockets

The Mavericks are in a bad place after Josh Smith staged his renaissance. HOUSTON -- The Mavericks spent the majority of Game 2 hanging on to the edge of a cliff with the Rockets slowly, methodically stepping on their fingers. Considering the circumstances, Dallas' performance was actually quite impressive. Monta Ellis and Dirk Nowitzki went a combined 11-35 from the field, while the Mavs as a whole shot a measly 37 percent from the field. Nonetheless, by some miraculous basketball voodoo, they held a lead early in the fourth quarter. From there, Houston transformed into lob city en route...

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