2:11 PM EDT, Fri May 27, 2016
Bright Side Of The Sun May 21, 2016

Phoenix Suns coach Earl Watson reportedly lowest paid new coach

The Phoenix Suns may seem like a whirling dervish when it comes to roster handling, but the way the franchise handles front office and coaching personnel is as predictable as sunshine in the desert. Under managing partner Robert Sarver's guidance, the Suns have repeatedly hired inexperienced or under-experienced staff, which just happens to make it easy to pay them among the lowest salaries at their positions. The hiring of Earl Watson to the full-time position last month is no exception. On one hand, this is a great upward mobility opportunity and a chance for fresh ideas from young,...
Arizona Republic May 5, 2016
Suns not renewing 2 assistant coach contracts

Suns not renewing 2 assistant coach contracts

The Suns kept Earl Watson as head coach but are making changes to the remaining staff by not renewing some contracts.         

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