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Bright Side Of The Sun Aug 30, 2014
Phoenix Suns Dilemma: Where Could Eric Bledsoe Go?

Phoenix Suns Dilemma: Where Could Eric Bledsoe Go?

If he wants to be traded, where could Eric Bledsoe go? Here are the options for the other 29 teams in the league. The rumor mill is working once again, and the latest is that the Suns are actively shopping Eric Bledsoe in sign and trade scenarios. While some of the rumors are wildly outlandish (the 13th hour attempt to nab Kevin Love, for instance), there is likely some substance to these rumors. The real question is, if the Suns are shopping Bledsoe, who are they shopping him to, and what are the chances that an actual deal could go down? Assuming a trade involving Bledsoe is most likely...
Bright Side Of The Sun Aug 26, 2014
Phoenix Suns' Dragic and Thomas both want Eric Bledsoe back to wreak havoc on league

Phoenix Suns' Dragic and Thomas both want Eric Bledsoe back to wreak havoc on league

It's a league of competition. But Isaiah Thomas still wants Eric Bledsoe back, even though Bledsoe will take his starting job. And Goran Dragic wants Bledsoe back, even though Bledsoe could be making twice what Dragic makes. In any professional sport, your teammates are your competition as much as any opponent. You have to be competitive to win a starting position or even big minutes. On the Phoenix Suns, who project to have three staring-caliber point guards on the roster next season, competition will be at hand all season long. Competition over camaraderie I recently became more aware of...
Rotoworld Aug 22, 2014

Report: Suns making late push for Kevin Love - Eric Bledsoe (G) Phoenix Suns

The Suns reportedly reached out to the Timberwolves on Thursday to gauge Minnesota's interest in conducting a sign-and-trade involving Kevin Love and Eric Bledsoe.
Arizona Republic Aug 22, 2014
Suns talks on Bledsoe sign-and-trade deal gathering momentum

Suns talks on Bledsoe sign-and-trade deal gathering momentum

The Suns have contacted at least one team and taken inquiries from others regarding the possibility of executing a sign-and-trade deal with Eric Bledsoe.         
Peachtree Hoops Aug 21, 2014

Could the Atlanta Hawks be the best fit for Eric Bledsoe?

Could the Atlanta Hawks be a potential landing spot for restricted free agent Eric Bledsoe? Restricted free agency can be a tough situation for a player and Eric Bledsoe's current position with the Phoenix Suns illustrates that. On one hand he is a high upside talent but as a restricted free agent he has little to no leverage in negotiations with the Suns. The situation has played itself out all summer and Bledsoe may be forced to roll the dice and sign Phoenix's qualifying offer and become an unrestricted free agent next summer. The Suns are well aware that this could be a possibility and...
Bright Side Of The Sun Aug 21, 2014
Film Study: Remember how good Eric Bledsoe was last season for the Phoenix Suns

Film Study: Remember how good Eric Bledsoe was last season for the Phoenix Suns

Before we completely write off the union of Bledsoe and Dragic on the Phoenix Suns, let's recall just how good Eric Bledsoe was last year in his 38 games next to Dragic. While his contract negotiations are still underway, Suns fans can't get distracted from how good of a player Eric Bledsoe was last year. There is no "subtraction" situation currently that ends in the Suns being a better team than last year if Bledsoe leaves and some fans are missing that point while they take these negotiations personally.Amin Elhassan of ESPN, and formerly the Suns front office, ranked the Slash Brothers...
Bright Side Of The Sun Aug 20, 2014

"Take this to the bank" the Phoenix Suns are trying to trade Eric Bledsoe, reporter says

Local sportscaster on Fox, Jude LaCava, dropped a bombshell yesterday on FoxSports910 - the Suns have shifted into "deal" mode with point guard Eric Bledsoe. Yesterday, local sportscaster Jude LaCava went on FoxSports 910 radio, "The Drive", and told the world that the Phoenix Suns have now hung out the "Open for Business" sign on Eric Bledsoe's locker. "I'll tell you this, and I think this is the first time it's reported," Jude LaCava said on Tuesday, "I do believe in my NBA sources. You can take this to the bank, so to speak, the Suns are now discussing trade possibilities for Eric...
The Dream Shake Aug 19, 2014

Why the Houston Rockets could still chase Eric Bledsoe

The Rockets appear to be done with their summer business. However, the one wild card out there is restricted free agent Eric Bledsoe. Why a number of moves have put them in position to land the Suns point guard. At this point in the off-season, most teams have shifted their focus from signing free agents towards in-house player evaluations, personnel hirings, and season planning. Some executives even go on vacation, getting away from the craziness that is NBA free agency. However, amidst all of this, one prominent free agent remains: Eric Bledsoe. With Greg Monroe reportedly opting to stay...
Bright Side Of The Sun Aug 19, 2014

Solar Flares 8/19: Phoenix Suns Schedules, Bledsoe Boxed In, I.T. For Three

Probably time to schedule a meeting Mr. Sarver, Mr. Bledsoe. Seven weeks into free agency, Suns owner Robert Sarver has yet to sit down with free agent Eric Bledsoe and his representation. Adrian Wojnarowski told the Bickley and Marotta show on Arizona Sports 98.7 FM that Eric Bledsoe and agent Rich Paul have "kind of boxed themselves into a corner" after rejecting the Suns offer of $48 million over 4 years. So who's to blame for the Bledsoe contract standoff?  Here's what fans said. "Wherever we're together, it's home," Markieff said. "We just go out there and have fun. The game isn't...
Arizona Republic Aug 13, 2014
Greg Monroe could be free agency model for Eric Bledsoe

Greg Monroe could be free agency model for Eric Bledsoe

Eric Bledsoe is strongly is considering signing the Suns' qualifying offer for $3.726 million.         
Bright Side Of The Sun Aug 12, 2014

Report: Eric Bledsoe and Phoenix Suns have not talked for four months

According to the Phoenix Suns managing partner, Robert Sarver, the Suns and Bledsoe have not talked since the end of the NBA season. I have no idea what's happening anymore. Not only is the Phoenix Suns offer of four years, $48 million more than fair to their young combo guard, Paul Coro of azcentral.com/sports is now implying that Bledsoe's camp is not even negotiating with the Suns. "Maybe that's just posturing and negotiating," Sarver said of the reports. "We haven't heard from the guy in four months, so I couldn't tell you." --Robert Sarver to Paul Coro, azcentral.com/sports If that...

The Eric Bledsoe saga: Chris Broussard chimes in (again)

The latest news (I use that word in the most liberal sense) in the negotiations between the Phoenix Suns and Eric Bledsoe suggests that he might be considering taking the qualifying offer. Here's a quick recap of the timeline to date: Our buddy Chris Broussard (through sources, what else) kicked off the pyrotechnics on July 17th by suggesting that the Suns were offering Bledsoe a four year, $48 million contract while his agent, Rich Paul, was thinking more along the lines of five years, $80 million. At this point everyone was sure that the $32 million gap would be easily bridged over a...

Sarver says he has "good relationship" with Bledsoe's agent, ready to continue negotiating

Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver wants to get a deal done, and is ready to negotiate that middle ground. There is still no talk of trading Bledsoe. The Suns want Bledsoe for a long time to come. Phoenix Suns managing partner Robert Sarver made an impromptu appearance on the Burns and Gambo radio show yesterday evening and shared some insights into the process with Eric Bledsoe. While he rejected John Gambadoro's notion that Bledsoe needs to find new representation, he did confirm that the Suns still feel their offer of 4 years, $48 million is fair. Yet, Sarver also expects negotiations to...

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