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Bright Side Of The Sun Apr 26, 2016

Eric Bledsoe challenges fan to game of NBA 2K16

Of course he played as the Suns. Eric even threw in a little trash talk as well, haha. Suns guard @EBled2 took on a lucky fan in a game of NBA 2K16, courtesy of @CenturyLinkAZ 1 Gig Internet. ☀ https://t.co/hOPWB6wBES — #WeArePHX (@Suns) April 25, 2016 (h/t Suns)
Bright Side Of The Sun Apr 18, 2016

Phoenix Suns 2015-16 Report Cards: What grade would you give Eric Bledsoe?

Bright Side reviews and grades Eric Bledsoe's season, despite his season-ending injury after only 31 games. What grade would you give him? The Phoenix Suns had the worst season in franchise history since their inaugural campaign as a ragtag expansion team. One of the primary reasons the Suns fell from middle of the pack to bottom of the barrel was losing point guard Eric Bledsoe after only 31 games. No Suns team in the last 47 years had fallen apart so badly, not even the previously ignominious 2012-13 team. But at least this 2015-16 team can blame some of the problems on injuries. Tyson...
Bright Side Of The Sun Apr 18, 2016

The Madhouse - PLAYOFFS EDITION - Week of 4/18

In the world this week: The playoffs have started! Pop in here to discuss the dominance of the Warriors, Spurs and Thunder, and the wide open Eastern Conference side The Huntsman: Winter's War comes out Friday. I love Charlize Theron. I love Emile Blunt. My wife and daughter just might have the hots for the Huntsman dude. We'll be seeing this movie. TV is getting good again, thanks to Netflix and Hulu and others making their own. I plan to get into '11.22.63' at some point soon. What are you watching? and then there's the ongoing reality show called 'The President' where Donald Trump is...
Bright Side Of The Sun Apr 18, 2016

Phoenix Suns 2015-16 Report Cards: The whole team in one place

Phoenix Suns fans have gotten well used to disappointment during the last two seasons, but of all the mortifying events that have unfolded in front of our dumbfounded faces, losing the last 35 games of T.J. Warren's sophomore season was among the most cruel. After a rookie season that consisted of only 614 minutes, almost all of which came after the white flag had been unofficially waved, Warren entered the 2015/16 with a ready-made rotation spot after dominating summer league for the second straight season. While P.J. Tucker retained his usual starting spot at small forward, it was widely...
Bright Side Of The Sun Apr 17, 2016

NBA Playoffs Open Thread: Lots of former Suns in action today

Talk about all the playoff action here Marcus Morris' Pistons face Channing Frye's Cleveland Cavaliers Matt Barnes' Grizzlies get whomped by Boris Diaw's Spurs The Hornets face Goran Dragic, Gerald Green and Amare Stoudemire's Heat The Trail Blazers face the Clippers
Bright Side Of The Sun Apr 17, 2016

Earl Watson feels ready for the permanent Phoenix Suns coaching job

Ever since the weird, two-tiered firing of the top three coaches on the roster in the month of January, the Phoenix Suns have been in limbo over the long-term outlook of their coaching staff. The Suns named Earl Watson to replace Hornacek for the remainder of the season to give the team "a new voice" when the Suns had lost 19 of 21 games, including inexplicable non-competitive losses to some of the league's worst teams. Watson's Suns finished the season 9-24, after Hornacek's Suns went 14-35 through the end of January. The coaching search apparently began in earnest as soon as the season...

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