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Gerald Wallace accepts his fate, seems content not playing

Crash, boom. Gerald Wallace has been a step slow the last couple of years simply due to age and probably wear and tear due to the all-out way he played the game throughout his career.  Now he's a step or two slower coming off of injuries to his ankle and knee. The rotation is becoming set and the way things are shaking out right now leaves Gerald Wallace on the outside looking in.  Jeff Green is the starter at small forward and (especially when Rondo returns) Evan Turner is going to spend a lot of time there too.  The Celtics may use a number of smaller lineups that feature a lot of...
Boston Herald Oct 5, 2014
Gerald Wallace’s job: Make Green a star

Gerald Wallace’s job: Make Green a star

You might think Gerald Wallace would be trying to bust his way out of town. You might think that, at 32 and in his 14th NBA season, he would rather be on a club with a chance to compete for a championship than playing it out as a fringe rotational guy for a team that figures to be rebuilding for a while.Think again.“I don’t want to go nowhere else,” said Wallace, whose days as “Crash” may be numbered as he comes back from knee and ankle surgeries. “I’m happy here. I’m content here with these guys.”

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