11:23 PM EDT, Tue May 24, 2016
Oakland Tribune May 23, 2016

Former NBA star Gilbert Arenas advised fans to bet `over' in Warriors-Thunder game

Ex-Warriors guard was correct in his assessment _ with disclaimer making fun of his own erratic behavior
Bullets Forever May 10, 2016

Steph Curry broke Gilbert Arenas' record for most points in an overtime period

Stephen Curry's takeover in overtime of Game 4 against the Blazers on Monday night was incredible for a number of reasons, but let's focus real quick on the record he broke for most points scored in an overtime period. The previous record holder was Gilbert Arenas, who set the mark by dropping 16 on the Lakers in overtime to lift the Wizards to a 147-141 victory. You may also remember this was the game where he scored a career-high 60 points. A college student by the username of Pradamaster watched the game and had this to say about the performance: There was one play that was metaphoric...

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