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Miami Heat Offseason: Watch Goran Dragic make an appearance on ESPN's Sports Center

The Heat guard talked about the two Conference Finals matchups, Chris Bosh, and more. ICYMI, two days ago, Miami Heat guard Goran Dragic made an extended appearance on Sports Center. He addressed the Toronto vs. Cleveland matchup, OKC vs. GSW, as well as much more. Granted, this was before the most recent two Conference Finals matches, but it's still interesting to hear his perspective. ICYMI @Goran_Dragic was on @SportsCenter yesterday talking all things HEAT! (Sweet @COURTCULTURE shirt, Goran!)https://t.co/tfzOjUNv99 — Miami HEAT (@MiamiHEAT) May 26, 2016 In addition, gotta love...
Bright Side Of The Sun May 25, 2016

Report: Goran Dragic agreed to sign a new contract with the Suns, then they traded him

“It feels like they’re always changing something. They’re not like Miami, San Antonio, those teams that are really loyal when they find something.” It's hard to be entirely sure what happened, but the safe bet is that the Suns did something wrong. Report: Goran Dragic pledged to re-sign with Suns before they traded him https://t.co/SJa5caauqI — Kurt Helin (@basketballtalk) May 24, 2016

NBA assesses Dragic after-the-fact Game 4 technical foul

The NBA's after-the-fact police were at it again, this time taking belated action against Miami Heat guard Goran Dragic. The NBA on Wednesday announced that Dragic had retroactively been assessed a technical foul for his flailing swing at Toronto Raptors guard Cory Joseph with 2:17 to play in the...

Dragic reacts to receiving after-the-fact technical foul

Goran Dragic says he is not surprised the NBA assessed him a technical foul two days after it happened in Game 4.

2016 NBA playoffs: Goran Dragic gets retroactive technical foul

This could have been a lot worse for Goran Dragic and the Heat. With 2:17 left in Game 4 two days ago, Dragic swung his left arm at Toronto point guard Cory Joseph and was ...

Spoelstra says report of tension between Wade, Dragic is 'silly'

When Goran Dragic hit on a driving lay-up with 22.4 seconds left in overtime of the Heat’s 94-87 win over Toronto in Monday night’s game 4 of the Eastern Conference semifinals, no player on the court appeared as excited as teammate Dwyane Wade, who pumped his fists at midcourt while Dragic connected...
Raptors HQ May 10, 2016

NBA Playoffs 2016: DeMar Derozan accidentally kicks ball right into Goran Dragic's face

This had to sting a bit Late in the fourth quarter, leading by two and trying to seal the game, DeMar Derozan drove right, lost the ball, and accidentally kicked it directly into Goran Dragic's face. No one came out of this game looking good. Poor Goran. Hope his face isn't too bruised up today. The slow motion is particularly brutal. (h/t reddit)

Could the former Phoenix Suns in 2016 playoffs second round beat the current team?

Former Suns like Goran Dragic, Joe Johnson, Boris Diaw and Channing Frye all have appeared in the second round of these playoffs. Could they beat a healthy Suns roster that's under contract today? The Phoenix Suns are in the second round of the playoff after all. Well, at least a complete roster of recent, former Suns is currently playing in the second round of the NBA playoffs. No less than 11 recent Phoenix Suns reside on active rosters of the league's top 8 teams. Only two of our former Suns start for their playoffs teams (Goran Dragic, Joe Johnson) and none are All-Stars. But the...

Goran Dragic has reached his boiling point with officials

TORONTO -- Goran Dragic spent halftime Thursday having the gash in his bottom lip stitched up by the Heat's medical staff. DeMar DeRozan's left elbow to his mouth wasn't what Dragic asked for on the eve of his 30th birthday....

2016 NBA playoffs: Goran Dragic gets his face smashed again (video)

This is pretty much a normal work hazard for Goran Dragic. At least this time he didn’t lose any teeth. Late in the first half of the Heat’s Game 2 loss in Toronto, DeMar DeRozan ...

2016 NBA playoffs: Toronto city councilor jabs Heat fans about Donald Trump

Heat vs. Raptors has sort of taken on an America vs. Canada theme, especially north of the border, and City of Toronto councilor Norm Kelly fired a shot at Miami fans who were taunting ...

Erik Spoelstra: Another team would’ve fired me twice by now

Erik Spoelstra’s run of eight seasons with the Miami Heat is the second-longest active tenure in the NBA, and he’s pretty sure it wouldn’t be that long if his organization wasn’t so steady. Spoelstra has ...

2016 NBA playoffs: Wade, Whiteside will play Game 2

Dwyane Wade and Hassan Whiteside are battling knee injuries but will be active tonight for Game 2 of the Heat’s second-round series against Toronto. Wade bruised the inside of his left knee late in

2016 NBA playoffs: Erik Spoelstra won’t foul late when he’s ahead

The Heat had a choice late in the fourth quarter of Game 1. They were up 90-87 with 3.3 seconds left and Toronto inbounding the ball from under its own basket. They could ...

Hyde: Goran Dragic spits teeth, blackens eye - and finally finds game for Heat

The price to be Goran Dragic? He taps his front teeth. "I've lost five teeth," he says. He pushes his nose to the left. "It was way over here — four bones broken in it," he says. "I was 16. Even now, when you look at me straight on, my nose goes to the side." Stitches? "It's funny, I've got a lot...

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