10:09 AM EDT, Tue September 01, 2015
Hot Hot Hoops Aug 29, 2015

ESPN predicting Dragic will be an All-Star

Goran Dragic is in the perfect situation to succeed this season in Miami, obviously ESPN has taken note of that as their Forecast Panel predicts he will make his first ever All-Star appearance this season. After an All-Star selection worthy season in 2014, Goran Dragic returned to a Phoenix Suns team loaded with point guards, sub-par big men, and limited minutes. As a result of that, (as many Goran Dragic fantasy owners know), he wasn't his usual self until he started to find his role in Miami. Now Dragic is in the perfect situation to succeed, with Chris Bosh and Ama're Stoudemire offering...
Hot Hot Hoops Aug 13, 2015

Former Heat players Zoran Dragic, Andre Dawkins sign overseas

Two players who were on the Heat's roster last season are out of the NBA. After the Miami Heat traded Zoran Dragic and a 2020 second round pick to the Boston Celtics last month for a heavily-protected 2019 second round pick in order to free up a roster spot and reduce their luxury tax obligations, his brother Goran Dragic was reportedly okay with the trade because he hoped it would translate to more playing time for Zoran. As it turns out the Celtics instead soon waived him, with the Heat previously including $1.5 million in the deal to pay Dragic's salary. Though he had a decent showing...

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