11:42 PM EDT, Tue July 22, 2014
Bright Side Of The Sun Jul 15, 2014

New Phoenix Sun Isaiah Thomas provides bang for the buck

Isaiah Thomas wasn't the glitziest free agent this summer, but that doesn't mean he's not a hidden gem. In terms of performance, fit and value Thomas promises to coruscate for the Phoenix Suns. The first time that Thomas really caught my attention was back in January when I noticed that he was having a quietly spectacular season while writing about Goran Dragic's chances of being selected as an All-Star. At that point I slated Thomas as the seventh most deserving guard in the Western Conference behind Chris Paul, Stephen Curry, James Harden, Tony Parker, Damian Lillard and Dragic. If he...
Rotoworld Jul 3, 2014

Pacers interested in trading for Goran Dragic - Goran Dragic (G) Phoenix Suns

The Indiana Pacers have engaged the Phoenix Suns in trade talks for Goran Dragic.
Indy Cornrows Jul 3, 2014

Pacers Free Agency Links: Pacers reportedly talking with Suns about Goran Dragic

After a busy second day signing players, the Pacers have more work to do and day three begins with a juicy trade rumor involving Goran Dragic. Things are about to get real for the Pacers in their offseason efforts to improve. After starting to re-revamp their bench with C.J. Miles and Damjan Rudez on Wednesday, we were met this morning with a report from ESPN's Marc Stein that the Pacers and Suns are engaged in talks about trading for combo guard Goran Dragic. Indiana Pacers, I'm told, have tried to engage Phoenix in trade talks for Goran Dragic, but teams have found no common deal ground....

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