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Hayward's open letter: 'I’m excited about coming back to Utah'

Gordon Hayward may have signed the offer sheet with Charlotte, but the swingman wants Jazz fans to know he's "excited about coming back to Utah."On his website, GordonHayward20.com, the fifth-year swingman offers some insight into his thinking during a summer of restricted free agency."Signing my contract to return to the Jazz was a big sigh of relief for me," Hayward writes. "There were so many people talking about it last year, when we didn’t get the extension done. It was all really up in the...
SLC Dunk Jul 20, 2014

NBA Free Agency 2014: Gordon Hayward and Alec Burks still need wingmen

I embrace going young, but balance is still needed. A number of years ago the Utah Jazz took a dip into the bottom half of the NBA Draft, two years in a row. They were able to get Gordon Hayward and Alec Burks. Both are good, young players with obvious talents. Sadly, the largest splash either of them have made came from Free Agency this year when Hayward became a Max player. Utah seems to have made another smart draft pick this past year with scooping up the overlooked Rodney Hood. When the season starts Hayward will be 24, Burks 23, and Hood 22. And you know what? They can't do it all...
Deseret Morning News Jul 15, 2014
Gordon Hayward invited to Team USA training camp

Gordon Hayward invited to Team USA training camp

The Jazz swingman is officially included in the elite group of 19 American players who will be trying out for 12 spots on the...

Coach K talks Kyle Korver, Quin Snyder and USA Basketball

This morning, USA Basketball announced the 19 players who will participate in a four-day mini-camp in Las Vegas later this month. In a conference call with reporters, coach Mike Krzyzewski had some nice things to say about Jazz swingman Gordon Hayward. You can read all about that by clicking this link.Here are a few extras from Krzyzewkski:On former Jazz man Kyle Korver …"Kyle, first of all, is a veteran team player. He's a specialist and one of the outstanding shooters in the NBA. He'll be look...
Salt Lake Tribune Jul 14, 2014

Gordon Hayward invited to USA basketball camp

Gordon Hayward is getting paid like one of the game’s best, and this summer he’ll have a chance to prove he belongs among them. The 24-year-old Utah Jazz swingman is one of 19 players who will attend a Team USA camp in Las Vegas, vying for one of the 12 spots on the country’s roster for the World Cup in Spain later this summer. “We like [him] a lot,” Duke and USA coach Mike Krzyzewski said during a Monday morning conference call with reporters. “At 6-8 … he’s one of those guys who really, intern...
SLC Dunk Jul 14, 2014
FIBA World Cup 2014: USA Basketball selects Gordon Hayward for Nation Team Training

FIBA World Cup 2014: USA Basketball selects Gordon Hayward for Nation Team Training

One of the C4 made it! Start the celebrations! USA Basketball's brain trust has the toughest, most enviable, job in the world. In preparation for the FIBA World Cup 2014 this year they get to select 12 of the best players in the world to play on their team. From almost the entire pool of NBA players they have their normative pool of stars, all-stars, legends, and up and comers that they have their eyes on. The roster size for Spain is 12, and they have parsed down their pool into 19 players. On of which is the Utah Jazz highest paid player,Gordon Hayward . If we are going by my roster...
SLC Dunk Jul 13, 2014

Utah Jazz Social Media Sunday: Jazz take over Vegas, Gordon's contract, and more

Another week, another bunch of stuff to sort through! Another week is about to start, so let's recap what happened in Utah Jazz -land in social media! Former One-man-fast-break, Dee Brown , has a daughter who is being taught at a young age how to play like Derek Fisher . . On the other end of the spectrum, John Stockton 's daughter is, to her north west roots, into Grunge. . Bigman Kyrylo Fesenko has a . . . bruise? The bruise is probably a product of making fun of his . . . uh . . . Grandma's glasses, I'm thinking? . Gordon Hayward signed for big money. P3 posted a pic of him...
Charlotte Observer Jul 12, 2014

Charlotte Hornets lose Gordon Hayward, but come to terms with Jazz teammate Marvin Williams

Within hours of learning the Utah Jazz had matched their massive offer for restricted free agent Gordon Hayward, the Charlotte Hornets came to terms with combo forward Marvin Williams.
Deseret Morning News Jul 12, 2014
Randy Hollis: Hayward's price tag too much for Jazz to pay

Randy Hollis: Hayward's price tag too much for Jazz to pay

The Utah Jazz decided Saturday to match Charlotte's offer sheet to Gordon Hayward and re-sign the 6-foot-8 swingman to a...
At The Hive Jul 12, 2014

Utah matches Charlotte's offer sheet as Jazz retain Gordon Hayward

The Jazz said they would match any offer an opposing team would make to Gordon Hayward and they did not lie. With about 36 hours still remaining on the clock before their decision had to be in before the deadline, Utah notified the Hornets that they would indeed match Charlotte's 4-year, $63 million offer sheet. It should come as no surprise that this happened, as such a result had been reported for months as Hayward's free agency future began to come into question. Though it seems somewhat foolish in the context of their contract extension negotiations last year. They had been unable to...
Salt Lake Tribune Jul 12, 2014

Monson: In Gordon Hayward, the Jazz paid for a Maserati and got a Buick

Nobody likes overpaying for what they buy. But that’s what the Jazz just did. They paid for a Maserati and got a Buick. A really nice Buick, but a Buick, nonetheless. Let’s say this all plain and simple: In terms of where he is as a player, there’s no way Gordon Hayward is worth $63 million. He’s not a max-money guy. The Jazz know this. A lucky Hayward knows it, too. They and he have experienced it, firsthand. If they’d thought he was worth that kind of cash, they would have offered it before la...
Queen City Hoops Jul 12, 2014

Utah Jazz Match Offer Sheet for Gordon Hayward

The Utah Jazz have matched the Hornets’ offer to restricted free agent Gordon Hayward, reports Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski. The $15 million or so in cap space that deal tied up is once again available for Charlotte to pursue other free agents. There was some anxiety that the Hornets might miss out on other prime free agents while waiting, but the Jazz moved quickly, […] The post Utah Jazz Match Offer Sheet for Gordon Hayward appeared first on .

Jazz Hoops - Hayward gets his max deal. Now what?

For NBA players, there's always the pressure to perform. But some guys encounter more pressure than most. Gordon Hayward? Welcome to the most pressure of your career. Hayward - on Saturday - signed a max contract with the Utah Jazz, worth 4 years and 63 million dollars, a contract that significantly chews into the Jazz' cap space over the next few years. Because of Hayward, the Jazz go from great cap flexibility to simply good cap flexibility. Because of Hayward, the Jazz may very well have to m...
SLC Dunk Jul 12, 2014

NBA Free Agency 2014: Gordon Hayward news reactions

How do you feel? The Utah Jazz matched the offer sheet the Charlotte Hornets gave Gordon Hayward . So he returns. I think it was a no-brainer. He's not going to be worth the money, but you have to use it somewhere. Plus, he's a good player. I'm not upset. This is what Diana had to say: I feel absolutely meh about the Gordon Hayward news. Not excited but not upset, obviously not surprised. Just meh. — Diana (@dianaallen) July 12, 2014 I feel like MOST Jazz fans will fall between those two non-extremes. NO one is overly happy, and no one is overly upset. But that's what I feel. But...
Charlotte Observer Jul 12, 2014
Utah Jazz matches Charlotte Hornets' offer to Gordon Hayward

Utah Jazz matches Charlotte Hornets' offer to Gordon Hayward

The Utah Jazz has matched the Charlotte Hornets’ four-year, $63 million offer sheet for guard-forward Gordon Hayward, a source told the Observer Saturday morning.

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