7:42 PM EDT, Thu July 31, 2014
Grand Rapids Press 14 hours ago

Detroit Pistons' Andre Drummond wants Greg Monroe back: 'He needs to come home'

Pistons' big men were in the same room for a key union vote this week, but Drummond said business didn't allow him a chance for another recruiting pitch to his teammate.
Detroit Bad Boys Jul 29, 2014

NBA rumors: Greg Monroe may want a shorter deal

The reason Greg Monroe is still unsigned may hinge on the length of his contract, not just the annual salary. At this point, it doesn't look like Greg Monroe will achieve his agent's goal of signing a max contract -- there's simply not enough interested parties willing to test the Pistons' resolve to keep the big man. And since the Pistons are in the driver's seat for the whole process with the right of first refusal on any contract Monroe can sign, they can afford to wait as long as Monroe drags this out. But while most fans have presumed that Monroe is holding out for the most money...
Detroit Bad Boys Jul 28, 2014
Maybe Greg Monroe doesn't have a deal because David Falk is crazy

Maybe Greg Monroe doesn't have a deal because David Falk is crazy

Super agent claims that Evan Turner could have made $10 million per year if he'd stayed in Philly. Can't tell if this means he is really good or really bad at what he does for a living. The stalemate continues between Greg Monroe and the Detroit Pistons, and there are few signs that a contract between the team and restricted free agent will be resolved anytime soon. Many people are ascribing motives to the parties involved -- Monroe doesn't want to be here, the Pistons don't think he is worth much -- and while I can't get into anybody's head, let me submit to readers an alternative...
Detroit Free Press Jul 28, 2014

ESPN analyst: Max deal for Monroe just unrealistic for Pistons

As the NBA off-season drags along, the Pistons appear no closer to resolving the contract impasse with restricted free agent power forward Greg Monroe.
Bright Side Of The Sun Jul 24, 2014
Why Greg Monroe would be a terrible fit on the Phoenix Suns

Why Greg Monroe would be a terrible fit on the Phoenix Suns

The Phoenix Suns are rumored to be considering extending an offer sheet to the Detroit Piston's RFA Greg Monroe. They shouldn't. The Phoenix Suns have been linked to restricted free agent Greg Monroe frequently over the last few weeks, but rumors have run rampant after this Jordan Schultz tweet. A man of few skills It's difficult to imagine why the Suns would even be considering Monroe.  The power forward/center does two things well: rebounding and posting up.  He was a top 20 rebounder (9.3 rpg), but better yet, he did a great job of picking up Josh Smith clankers, averaging 3.1...
Detroit Free Press Jul 23, 2014

Pistons' Van Gundy still urging Monroe to sign

Pistons coach and president of basketball operations Stan Van Gundy took questions from the media last week about the contract impasse with restricted free agent Greg Monroe after introducing free-agent pickups D.J. Augustin and Caron Butler.
Rotoworld Jul 21, 2014

Suns looking into signing Greg Monroe - Greg Monroe (F/C) Detroit Pistons

The Suns are looking into signing restricted free agent Greg Monroe to an offer sheet.
Detroit Bad Boys Jul 18, 2014

Stan Van Gundy doesn't know if Greg Monroe would accept max contract from Detroit

From Dave Pemberton at the Oakland Press: Talking to the media this week, Van Gundy said the situation was out of his control. Van Gundy was asked, ‘Well couldn’t you just end it by offering him a maximum contract?’ and his replay was short but interesting if you read between the lines. "I don’t even know that, that’s true," Van Gundy said. "I don’t even know that’s true." Monroe might not agree to a max deal? If that’s the case then that means Monroe doesn’t want to play in Detroit or he doesn’t want to play in Detroit with the current roster, meaning he doesn’t want...
Detroit Bad Boys Jul 17, 2014

Report: Pistons, Blazers had serious discussions about Greg Monroe sign-and-trade

Apparently, Monroe was much closer to being a Blazer than previously realized. Greg Monroe was close to becoming a Portland Trail Blazer, potentially joining LeMarcus Aldridge in what would have been perhaps the most potent offensive big-man tandems in the NBA. The news comes via Marc Stein as a small fact embedded in his larger story about the Detroit Pistons and Sacramento Kings reengaging in Josh Smith trade talks. Sources said the Pistons also seriously discussed various sign-and-trade scenarios this month that would have landed restricted free agent Greg Monroe in Portland, but the...
Detroit Free Press Jul 17, 2014

Report: Pistons-Kings trade talks for Smith resume; Monroe trade an option?

One thing is for sure: new Detroit Pistons president and coach Stan Van Gundy isn't afraid to shake up the roster. One thing isn't for sure: if Greg Monroe or Josh Smith will be on the team when the season roles around.
Detroit Free Press Jul 14, 2014

Greg Monroe's status: Resolution not in sight; Pistons remain patient

'The Monroe situation has taken center stage, remains center stage and will be center stage until it is resolved,' Van Gundy said. 'We said that going into the offseason the primary situation for us was Greg's restrictive free agency. There's really not anything going on there right now.'
Grand Rapids Press Jul 14, 2014
Greg Monroe free agency makes Detroit Pistons' Stan Van Gundy 'little nervous'

Greg Monroe free agency makes Detroit Pistons' Stan Van Gundy 'little nervous'

Monroe and the Pistons are at something of a stalemate and team president and head coach Van Gundy acknowledges the process could drag on for quite some time.
Detroit Bad Boys Jul 14, 2014

2014 NBA Free Agents: What is the current market for Greg Monroe?

Now that the free agency dust has started to settle, what is the future of Pistons big man Greg Monroe? LeBron James made his decision. And so did Carmelo Anthony. And Chris Bosh. And Chandler Parson. Now, one of the only big names left is Detroit Pistons big man Greg Monroe. The dominoes have fallen and now the remarkably quiet market for Monroe might finally heat up. The only problem for Monroe, however, is that the number of teams who can offer him a considerable amount of money outright has dwindled. The only teams with the requisite cap space to trump the Pistons' reported $12 million...
Detroit News Jul 13, 2014

Greg Monroe's return to Pistons is no sure thing

Things have been quiet on the Pistons' end concerning Greg Monroe. As time goes on, one can ponder the possibility of Monroe truly considering other options aside from returning to the Pistons.
Grand Rapids Press Jul 13, 2014
Column: Stall raises concern that Greg Monroe may block Detroit Pistons' matching rights

Column: Stall raises concern that Greg Monroe may block Detroit Pistons' matching rights

There has been little progress in talks with Monroe, and as free agency churns, the possibility exists that he might not sign an offer sheet, even if snatching away the Pistons' first-refusal rights comes at the cost of accepting the cut-rate qualifying offer.

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