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Clippers' Jamal Crawford weighing his priorities, options as free agency approaches

Clippers' Jamal Crawford weighing his priorities, options as free agency approaches

Family. Friends. Money. Legacy. Happiness. It’s not everyday that so many of life’s most important things stand to be impacted by one decision, but, that’s exactly where Jamal Crawford finds himself. Less than a week from the official beginning...
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Clippers' DeAndre Jordan officially announced as member of Team USA

Clippers' DeAndre Jordan officially announced as member of Team USA

Clippers center DeAndre Jordan was officially announced as a member of the U.S. Olympic men’s basketball team Monday. Jordan, former Santa Margarita High standout Klay Thompson (Golden State), former Compton High and USC star DeMar DeRozan...
Clips Nation Jun 26, 2016

NBA Free Agency: Could Jamal Crawford Leave the Clippers for the Knicks?

Could Crawford's next sixth man of the year trophy come for a far-away team? The New York Knicks always get a lot of attention--they're in a massive media market and Phil Jackson is at the helm.  Their latest trade, which netted them oft-injured former NBA MVP Derrick Rose, only served to draw more attention to the Knicks.  With Rose now on the roster, murmurs have started spreading about which free agents will join him and Carmelo Anthony in Madison Square Garden--Dwight Howard, perhaps, at center... and now, apparently, Jamal Crawford at shooting guard. Jamal might be a lot of Clippers'...
Clips Nation Jun 26, 2016

Summer League 2016: TaShawn Thomas to Join Clippers in Orlando

The former Oklahoma power forward will try his luck again. After going undrafted in the 2015 NBA Draft, TaShawn Thomas played for the Orlando Magic in summer league last year.  This year, he's at it again, joining the Clippers' squad for their five-game stint in Florida. SOURCE: TaShawn Thomas will play for the Los Angeles Clippers in the NBA Summer League — Sportando (@Sportando) June 25, 2016 After averaging 16.8 point and 9.7 rebounds per game in his sophomore year at Houston and 15.4 points and 8.1 rebounds in his junior year. Thomas transferred to Oklahoma, where his production...
Clips Nation Jun 25, 2016

Clippers Off-Season 2016: Kevin Durant Scenarios

The Clippers like Kevin Durant, but how can they land him? I first tweeted back on June 6th that the Clippers were interested in Kevin Durant, likely by sending back Blake Griffin in a sign-and-trade.  Durant's a top-4 talent in the NBA (with LeBron, Steph, and Kawhi, in no particular order), and while it breaks my heart to even talk about moving on from Blake, we're at the point where it has to be discussed. I've heard a LOT of different rumors and scenarios, some with legs, some without.  Here's some realistic options: Old Fashioned Sign-and-Trade The simplest way for the Clippers to go...

Brees on Fleener: “He is always open”

Last year, the Saints traded Jimmy Graham, opting instead for a patchwork collection of tight ends. After one season of that, the Saints made a beeline for another potentially dominant pass-catching tight end. On Wednesday, Saints quarterback Drew Brees explained what attracted the team to former Colts tight end Coby Fleener. We watched a lot

Pat Riley story via Jeff Van Gundy: O.J. Simpson slowed Bronco chase to hear Game 5 of 1994 NBA Finals

If you watched the fantastic documentary June 17th, 1994, you know O.J. Simpsons low-speed Bronco chase coincided with Game 5 of the NBA Finals. Another excellent TV show, The People v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story, dramatizes Simpsons car chase. Pat Riley who coached the Knicks against the Rockets in the 1994 Finals []

Sorry Oilers, you can’t buy out Andrew Ference

The crutches are your clue as to why they cannot.

Bowles: Jets keeping QB options open, just in case

A day after saying there was no drop-dead deadline to get quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick under contract and back with the team, Jets coach Todd Bowles told reporters that the Jets have discussed potential veteran backup options and said there comes a point that the team would shift from its current plan of holding the starting

NBA Finals will be longest since at least 1984 — ever if they reach Game 7

If it seems like these NBA Finals have lasted awhile, theres a reason for that.
Clips Nation Jun 15, 2016

Clippers Offseason: Join Jamal Crawford at his youth basketball camp!

Yo, get on this if you can! Jamal Crawford is throwing down this summer, hosting a youth basketball camp. If you're interested, get up in this thing! Not just a normal camp, come learn some new moves & TRAIN with me! Info is on here. Space is limited!! pic.twitter.com/ht8HTvBjIX — Jamal Crawford (@JCrossover) June 15, 2016 (h/t Jamal Crawford)
Clips Nation Jun 15, 2016

How Have Recent 25th and 33rd NBA Draft Picks Panned Out?

The Clippers have the 25th and 33rd picks in the 2016 NBA Draft. To better understand the odds of their selecting a real NBA player, I took a look at the last 10 drafts and who was picked at those spots. The results were varied to say the least. 2006: 25th pick- Shannon Brown. Brown actually had a pretty successful career. He played in 408 NBA games over 9 seasons, and was a part of two championship teams. Always just a role player, and sometimes not even that much, Brown's story might be different if he came along a couple years later—advanced metrics were not kind to him despite his...

Scramble Podcast: U.S. Open Wednesday special

In this special Wednesday of the U.S. Open edition of the Monday Scramble Podcast, Jay Coffin, Rex Hoggard and Ryan Lavner talk the biggest stories on the eve of the years second major.
Clips Nation Jun 12, 2016

NBA Draft 2016 Point Guard Class: By the Numbers

With the NBA draft fast approaching, let's take a dive into the statistics of the point guard class of 2016, a strong and varied group. The Clippers need a backup point guard. Jamal Crawford and Austin Rivers have more of a scoring mindset than they do a playmaking one, and neither of them consistently gets other players on the 2nd unit involved in the offense. Pablo Prigioni showed his age in 2016, and he might not even be back with the team. Instead of searching for a point guard in a free agent class practically devoid of them, the Clippers might well want to plug the rotation spot with...

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