10:33 AM EDT, Mon May 30, 2016
Clips Nation May 20, 2016

2016 Clippers Exit Interviews: Jamal Crawford

The 2015-16 Exit Interview series continues with the Six Man, Jamal Crawford. Name: Jamal (Jcrossover) Crawford Age: 36 Key Stats: 14.2 points per game in 79 regular season games; 17.3 points per game in 6 playoff games. 341 fourth quarter points (led team), 90.4% on Free Throws (second in league), and seven Four Point Plays (tied with first in the league). Years in NBA: 15 15-16 Salary: $5,675,000 Future Contract Status: Free Agent Summary: It would be hard to argue that the 2015-16 Sixth Man of the Year had a bad season -- and we will not make the attempt here. Since the...
Denver Stiffs May 13, 2016

Kenneth Faried could be the NBA's best sixth man.

Kenneth Faried has been an exciting player for the Nuggets thus far in his career. However, it might be time for him to adjust his role and embrace his energy and hustle and use it to help the Nuggets build a championship contender. The sixth man. Not as glamorous of a title as starter but often just as valuable. There are some players in the league who have made the sixth man position their own. Jamal Crawford is one who stands out. Crawford has added prestige to the role after winning the sixth man of the year award 3 times. His offensive skill set adds a scoring punch every time he...
Clips Nation May 12, 2016

Jamal Crawford appears on "The Jump" with Rachel Nichols

The Clippers' sixth man stopped by to talk about his future with the team. Jamal Crawford stopped by ESPN and sat down with Rachel Nichols on her very popular and very good TV show, "The Jump." He addressed his upcoming free agency and much more, reiterating that above all he wants to work something out with the Clippers. Read the whole interview here: via the Clippers: Keepin' it @JCrossover joined @Rachel__Nichols on The Jump.Here's what he had to say: https://t.co/nqWbKMtmiJ pic.twitter.com/yLFhK9rAv6 — LA Clippers (@LAClippers) May 12, 2016 The money line: Crawford said...

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