8:35 PM EST, Wed November 26, 2014
Houston Chronicle Nov 16, 2014

James Harden ‘not worried’ about early season 3-point woes

OKLAHOMA CITY – Though James Harden continued to struggle to find his shooting touch from beyond the 3-point line, he said he was not concerned that his shot will come around. Harden has made just 29 percent of his 3s this season after going 2-of-9 from deep against the Thunder. “Just having confidence in them,” […]
Houston Chronicle Nov 10, 2014

James Harden’s defense earning praise so far

Rockets guard James Harden has taken a lot of criticism over his defensive play in the last two seasons. This year, however, he has earned early praise for his improvement on that side of the ball. The difference, Harden said, is focus. “That’s all it is,” he said. “I have been able to anticipate what’s […]
The Dream Shake Nov 10, 2014

Rockets Capsules - Mini Player Reviews at the 9% Mark

If 9% of the season isn't enough evidence for jumping to conclusions, what is? I just couldn't wait for around 10% of the season.  That's Wednesday and this season clearly calls for swift, decisive, analysis in the absence of compelling evidence.  If the story is far from written (and it is) there are still some observations we can make on trends observed thus far.  So let's get to it in terms of a short capsule review of each Rocket. James Harden - MVP Candidate.  Yeah, you read it here first.  James Harden has been a revelation. Even without his sharpshooting stroke not fully...
The Dream Shake Nov 1, 2014

Game recap: Rockets roll over Celtics, 104-90

Even without Patrick Beverley, the Rockets rolled over the lackluster Celtics, who shot 1-of-25 from the three-point line. It was a laugher in Houston tonight, as James Harden and Terrence Jones both had huge games that are encouraging signs for the rest of the season. Boston showed their lottery credentials, and the outcome was assured about midway through the first quarter. After that, the game turned sloppy as neither team seemed to be working all that hard. James Harden distributed the ball excellently in the first quarter, taking charge of the offense with Pat Beverley sidelined after...
Bright Side Of The Sun Oct 28, 2014

Ranking the NBA: The Shooting Guard Position has James Harden...and everyone else

Almost done! Today we cover the Shooting Guard position, arguably the weakest in the NBA. Last year, to much fanfare, our own Jacob Padilla broke down his letter grades and rankings of players at each of the positions in the NBA. This year, I'm going to do the same thing, but with two twists. The first rankings, of the Center position, can be found here, while the rankings of Power Forwards can be found here and Small Forwards can be found here. First, I am going to introduce a slight empirical element to this grading system. Instead of going entirely by the gut, I will base at least...
The Dream Shake Oct 28, 2014

TDS Player Previews: James Harden

The boy love to run afoul on the court. Before we talk about anything else let's get the obvious out of the way, James Harden sucks at defense. Whether he is physically unable to D up or its just a matter of want-to is a different matter altogether. But for all the yak-speak and YouTube montages created on the matter there's one more obvious thing to get out of the way - James Harden is a very good basketball player. I was one of the few people who was a little apprehensive about awarding Harden max money when Daryl Morey pulled a coup just before the 2012 season and traded for him. At the...

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