6:43 AM EDT, Fri October 31, 2014
Fear The Sword Oct 18, 2014

2014 Player Preview: James Jones

Fear The Sword profiles Cavaliers wing James Jones ahead of the 2013-14 season. In terms of individual players on the Cavs' roster, none presents more of an air of the unknown than James Jones. Signed from Miami this summer, Jones was a player signed with influence from LeBron James, and given how the roster has subsequently shaken out, it appears that Jones will see increased time in the Cavs rotation compared to what he saw in Miami. However, we have no idea how much of an increase in playing time he will see. Jones saw his playing time reduce for each season of the LeBron era in Miami,...
Akron Beacon Journal Oct 17, 2014

Mavericks 108, Cavs 102; Jason Lloyd's Final Thoughts

CLEVELAND: Thirteen thoughts for 13 shots by Kyrie Irving in his return in what was ultimately the Cavs' first loss of the preseason... 1. Want to know what leadership looks like? Leadership is James Jones correcting players who were on the locker room floor stretching recently when David Blatt walked in to address the team. Jones told the players to get up, sit in their chairs and give their attention to their head coach. 2. Leadership is LeBron James telling guys not to eat during film sessions. When it’s “team” time, as in any activity that relates to improving the team, James...

Mike Miller and James Jones ready for new LeBron chapter

— The attention and scrutiny remain for new Cleveland Cavaliers Mike Miller and James Jones.

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