7:34 PM EST, Sat February 28, 2015
Sactown Royalty Feb 25, 2015

Have a question for Jason Thompson?

Have a question for Jason Thompson? Leave it in this thread and it may get answered tonight after the Kings take on the Memphis Grizzlies. Today's Question of the Game is for Kings power forward Jason Thompson. Thompson is the longest-tenured King on the roster and is five games away from passing Peja Stojakovic for most games played in the Sacramento era. He's seen a multitude of coaches and teammates over his tenure with the Kings and he just survived another trade deadline. Thompson's scoring has decreased this season (5.5 points per game), but he has played well defensively and gives it...

Jason Thompson wants out of Sacto

Lots of players around the NBA are probably hoping to get traded by Thursday's 3 PM (Eastern) deadline and that apparently includes a forward on the S...
Rotoworld Feb 15, 2015

Report: Jason Thompson wants trade from Kings - Jason Thompson (F/C) Sacramento Kings

According to Marc Spears of Yahoo!, Jason Thompson's representatives would like to get him traded before the Feb. 19 deadline.

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