5:21 AM EDT, Fri May 06, 2016
Clips Nation Apr 27, 2016

2016 NBA Playoffs: Austin Rivers and Jeff Green to start in Game 5 vs. Blazers

The duo will replace Chris Paul and Blake Griffin, who were both shelved. Life has to move on, and the Clippers are preparing for Game 5 by inserting Austin Rivers and Jeff Green into the starting lineup in place of Chris Paul and Blake Griffin. Can the Clippers rally and win this series? Time will tell. Austin Rivers will replace Chris Paul and Jeff Green will replace Blake Griffin in the starting lineup on Wednesday. — Arash Markazi (@ArashMarkazi) April 26, 2016 (h/t Arash Markarzi)
Clips Nation Apr 27, 2016

2016 NBA Playoffs, Clippers vs. Blazers Game 5: #MustWinWednesday

With Chris Paul and Blake Griffin announced out for the rest of the playoffs and J.J. Redick ailing, the Clippers only have a small chance at winning against the Trailblazers tonight, even at home. The basketball gods are cruel sometimes. The Clippers, and their fans, just went through one of the most dramatic and devastating turnarounds in a 24 hour span in sports history. Just Monday morning, Steph Curry was announced to have a sprained knee, opening a path (a difficult path to be sure, but a path) to the Western Conference Finals. This past afternoon, Blake Griffin and Chris Paul were...
Clips Nation Apr 26, 2016

NBA Playoffs 2016: Clippers rule both Chris Paul and Blake Griffin out for the rest of the playoffs

The worst-case scenario has come to pass, and what's left of the Clippers will have to try to stand their ground against Portland missing both of their best players. There wasn't much hope left for the Clippers after last night, but the few remaining wisps of optimism were cruelly dashed  today by an injury update from the team: Not only will Chris Paul miss the rest of the playoffs (as many expected), but so will Blake Griffin, the team announced in a press release (bolding for emphasis mine). Forward Blake Griffin will miss the remainder of the 2016 NBA Playoffs after aggravating the...
Clips Nation Apr 26, 2016

A Fan's Oral History of Game 4 — "The Breaking Point"

I was 4 hours late in watching Game 4, and by that time I knew what was coming -- the worst night in Clipper Playoff history. This is my oral history of watching Game 4 or what I'll call "The Breaking Point." Like many fans, I went into Game 4 expecting the Clippers to take a decisive strangle hold on the series, winning Game 4 and setting themselves up for a close out game back in Los Angeles on Wednesday. It was all the more imperative that the Clippers close out the Blazers quickly, if they wanted to try an maximize whatever length of time Steph Curry may be out for the 2nd round. As I...

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