5:42 AM EDT, Thu April 02, 2015
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Jeremy Lin sounds excited about playing the Trail Blazers on Friday

Jeremy Lin was asked about facing a mad, post loss Portland Trail Blazers team on Friday. He did not sound optimistic about the Lakers' chances: That is the stuff inspiring speeches are made of. "Uhhhh... shoot" indeed Jeremy.
Silver Screen and Roll Mar 25, 2015

Jeremy Lin and Jordan Clarkson Form First Asian-American Starting Backcourt in NBA History

Jeremy Lin and Jordan Clarkson made history last night. The Lakers lost to the Oklahoma City Thunder on Tuesday night. Losses are not ordinarily a source of players celebrating, but Jeremy Lin made an exception, because he and Jordan Clarkson made some history last night, becoming the first Asian-American starting backcourt in NBA history. Lin took to Instagram to celebrate the achievement: Proud to make history tonight with @jclark5on...first ever starting Asian-American backcourt in the NBA!! Proud of rook for that 30-piece too! #asianinvasion #halfasiancounts A photo posted by...
The Dream Shake Mar 25, 2015

Houston Rockets vs. New Orleans Pelicans game preview

The Rockets look to beat the Pelicans for the first time this season in New Orleans. Well, we're here. 47 wins. At the beginning of the year, I predicted that the Rockets would go 47-35 and sneak into the playoffs as a 7 or 8 seed. I thought that the loss of Chandler Parsons might destroy their offensive flow (wrong), that they wouldn't have anyone to create offense off the bench without Jeremy Lin (true until Morey brought in Smith and Brewer), and that the Rockets would sorely miss Asik's defense off the bench (definitely still true). And if you had told me that Dwight Howard would miss...
Los Angeles Times Mar 23, 2015

Jeremy Lin is back in the Lakers' starting lineup

What a strange orbit Jeremy Lin has taken to where he is now — back in the Lakers' starting lineup.
Silver Screen and Roll Mar 23, 2015

Meet the couple that invited Jeremy Lin to their wedding

The Lakers may be having their worst year ever, but they still have possibly the most dedicated fans in the world. An email exchange with the couple who decided to invite Jeremy Lin to upcoming nuptials. How far would you go to meet your favorite athlete? For engaged couple Eric Fang and Jessica Wong, the answer was to attend a Lakers game and hold up a sign inviting .Jeremy Lin to their April 18 wedding. While Lin has not responded as of yet, Fang did get to see his favorite player have one of his best performances in a Lakers uniform, scoring 29 points to go with five rebounds and five...
Los Angeles Times Mar 23, 2015

Jeremy Lin, Ryan Kelly to join Lakers' starting lineup

Jeremy Lin and Ryan Kelly will join the Lakers' (18-50) starting lineup when they start a five-game road trip Tuesday in Oklahoma City against the Thunder (40-30).
philly.com Mar 23, 2015

Sixers fall to Lakers and Lin; Noel has a scare

LOS ANGELES - The 76ers aren't apologetic about wanting to win. They realize at this point that victories are considered losses for a team that supposedly is tanking to secure a top lottery pick.
Silver Screen and Roll Mar 22, 2015

Jeremy Lin With Another No-Look Dime

Jeremy Lin really does not want the Lakers to keep their draft pick, killing the Lakers' tank with passes like this; If only he had played like this before the trade deadline.
Silver Screen and Roll Mar 22, 2015

Couple Invites Jeremy Lin to their Wedding at Lakers Game

The Lakers are bad, but some of their players are still incredibly popular. Case in point: Jeremy Lin. The point guard is known for having incredibly dedicated fans, and these two were no exception, inviting Lin to their wedding: Regardless of Lin's answer, that guy already got the more important yes from his fiancee.
Silver Screen and Roll Mar 22, 2015

Jeremy Lin Forgets How Long the Shot Clock Is

Jeremy Lin must have been watching too much college basketball lately, because apparenly he thought the shot clock was 35 seconds. Or at least that is the best explanation I can think of for this turnover: Tank on.
Silver Screen and Roll Mar 19, 2015

Jeremy Lin Hits the Bottom of the Backboard with Pass

I have no idea how this even happens, but Jeremy Lin just hit the bottom of the backboard with a pass: It is like watching a Stephen Curry highlight in reverse.
Silver Screen and Roll Mar 17, 2015

Jeremy Lin Has Discussed Turnovers More with Personal Trainer than Byron Scott

Jeremy Lin and Byron Scott, for approximately the 459th time this season, have a public difference of opinion on Lin's play. Jeremy Lin and Byron Scott have seemingly been in a constant state of disagreement this season, with the most recent example coming in the aftermath of Monday night's loss to the Golden State Warriors, a game in which Lin was benched late for committing two turnovers in the fourth quarter. As transcribed by Mark Medina, Scott said of Lin's late game decision making: "I don't know how you get out of making bad decisions. All we can continue to do is point them out to...

Lakers vs. Mavericks preview: Jordan Clarkson gets a crack at Rajon Rondo

The Lakers get back to the grind with a game against the Maverick. The Los Angeles Lakers are back home after losing three straight games on the road, but the Dallas Mavericks won't be much of a welcoming committee. Chandler Parsons makes his return to the Mavericks' lineup after missing the previous seven games with a left ankle injury. The Lakers have been leaning on their point guard duo of Jeremy Lin and Jordan Clarkson, but even with them playing well it's been loss after loss. What we'll see is Rajon Rondo, impending unrestricted free agent and player who admittedly has the Lakers on...
Los Angeles Times Mar 7, 2015

Lakers' Jeremy Lin gets overshadowed in Jordan Clarkson's rise

Jeremy Lin won't say it directly, and neither will the Lakers, but the next 5 1/2 weeks seem like the final ones they'll be together.
Lin's 23 not enough as Lakers fall to Hornets 104-103

Lin's 23 not enough as Lakers fall to Hornets 104-103

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Al Jefferson had 21 points and 16 rebounds, Mo Williams added 20 points and 13 assists and the Charlotte Hornets beat the Lakers 104-103 on Tuesday night for their third win in four games. Jeremy Lin led the Lakers with 23 points...

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