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Sun Herald Sep 27, 2015

Jeremy Lin talks Hornets, stereotypes and hair gel

New Charlotte guard Jeremy Lin will be a backup for the Hornets, but he remains one of the NBA's most recognizable players. Lin's Asian-American heritage and dynamic game earned him…
Rufus on Fire Sep 25, 2015

Jeremy Lin has turned into a Dragonball Z character

Jeremy Lin came to Hornets media day sporting a new headband, and well he looks different. Jeremy Lin came to Charlotte Hornets media day wearing a headband, and oh my god he looks ridiculous. Oh.....ohhhhhhhhhhh dear. https://t.co/gL4R0Tz6lC — At The Hive (@At_The_Hive) September 25, 2015 Yep. That's...well....it's a thing. Has anybody given Lin a mirror so he can see how that headband looks with his new haircut? They don't exactly cooperate with each other. The headband covers up his entire forehead, because that's what headbands do, but with the spiky haircut it makes Lin look like...
Raptors HQ Sep 25, 2015

Jeremy Lin Remembers Linsanity And The Toronto Crowd

Remember that game? Jeremy Lin did a Reddit AmA yestererday, which you can read in full here. The Charlotte guard can't do a Q&A without getting at least one question about Linsanity. This chat was no different. He was specifically asked about the game in Toronto. Here was the exchange: Q: When you came to Toronto during he peak of Linsanity it seemed as if there were more Lin fans in the crowd than Raptors fans. How did it feel playing in an atmosphere like that away from home? A: I'll never forget that game. I was shocked because I never knew Toronto had such a strong asian community...
Oakland Tribune Sep 24, 2015

Watch Jeremy Lin do the Nae Nae with Riley and Stephen Curry

In his downtime, NBA star Jeremy Lin did a funny video on how to "Fit into the NBA" -- and with his new team the Charlotte Hornets.
Rufus on Fire Sep 23, 2015

Jeremy Lin teaches you what it takes to fit in the NBA

The new Charlotte Hornets guard shared tips on what it takes to be a good teammate and player in the Association in a cameo-filled video. Jeremy Lin has had quite the busy offseason. On top of moving to Charlotte to sign with the Hornets, he has been going undercover as a personal trainer, commentating on video game championships, trying to convince everyone to let him into Time Warner Cable Arena and, presumably, working on improving his overall game to prepare for the 2015-2016 season. Now, he is teaching everyone what exactly it is like to be in the National Basketball Association...
Rufus on Fire Sep 21, 2015

WATCH: Jeremy Lin's defense under the microscope

Will Lin's intensity on defense translate into a greater role with the Hornets in 2015-16? So...it's not summer anymore, but we FILMED it during the summer....so it still counts. We saved our final video breakdown of the offseason for one of the most controversial topics outside of Al Jefferson and his role in the offense. The subject defensive prowess of Jeremy Lin is something that divides a lot of people who watch a lot of basketball. Is Jeremy Lin a bad defender or has he been on bad defensive teams? Was he replaced in lineups by better defenders or the victim of bad coaching? Our...
Queen City Hoops Sep 19, 2015

Charlotte Hornets player forecast: Jeremy Lin

Position: Point Guard Height: 6’3 Weight: 200 lbs. Reasons for Optimism: Remember in 2012 when Jeremy Lin took over the NBA for a few weeks? The New York Knicks were close to releasing Lin before his temporary contract became guaranteed. Instead, then-head coach Mike D’Antoni decided to give Jeremy Lin a second chance. On February 4th, 2012 against the New Jersey Nets, Lin […] The post Charlotte Hornets player forecast: Jeremy Lin appeared first on Queen City Hoops.
New York Daily News Sep 12, 2015
Lin couldn’t convince Hornets security he played for team

Lin couldn’t convince Hornets security he played for team

Hornets guard Jeremy Lin says he had trouble convincing a security guard that he’s an NBA player when he showed up at the team’s arena.
Sun Herald Sep 12, 2015

Hornets' Jeremy Lin: Security wouldn't let me into arena

New Charlotte Hornets guard Jeremy Lin said Saturday via Twitter that he was turned away from working out at Time Warner Cable Arena because a security guard refused to believe…

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