12:49 PM EST, Tue February 09, 2016
Posting and Toasting Jan 31, 2016

Wassup in Westchester: The hunt for Darion Atkins highlight footage

W-Knicks 110, SkyForce 100 One interesting quirk of the D-League schedule is that you occasionally play the same team in the same building twice in two days. The Westchester Knicks lost to the Sioux Falls SkyForce on Friday night, and because no sensible person would want to make a second trip to Sioux Falls, they simply turned right around and played them again Saturday night. This time, it was the Dub-Knicks who would emerge victorious, 110-100. Jimmer Fredette scored 37 points, bringing his two-day Sioux Falls total to 73. Clearly this was the most successful trip to South Dakota since...
New York Post Jan 21, 2016

Tony Wroten? Jimmer Fredette? Knicks cool on 10-day deal

It has been two weeks since teams were able to offer 10-day contracts, and the Knicks have yet to act despite having an open roster spot and small forward Cleanthony Early being out until March with a gunshot wound to his right knee. According to a person familiar with the club’s thought process, the available players,...
Posting and Toasting Jan 20, 2016

Wassup in Westchester: W-Knicks pick up a tax-free win in Delaware

W-Knicks 127, 87ers 112 You know what's fun? When your team puts together a 37-19 quarter. Oh yeah, those are good times. The Westchester Knicks took a trip down to Delaware, home of tax-free shopping, and blew the doors off Bob Carpenter Sports Convocation Center* with a 37-19 fourth quarter en route to a 127-112 win over the 87ers. That's a lot of numbers! *Located in the other Newark Jimmer Fredette led the charge with 27 points, Travis Trice chipped in 18 points, six rebounds and seven assists, and Darion Atkins had a double-double (17 points, 11 rebounds) to go along with three steals...
Posting and Toasting Jan 15, 2016

D-League Game Thread: Westchester Knicks vs. Erie Bayhawks 1/15/16

It's still sports! There's only one way to spend a Friday night, cats and kittens, and that is by watching the Westchester Knicks do battle! Jimmer and the boys travel to the Shining City on the Lake -- Erie, Pa. -- to defend the honor of White Plains. Watch the game LIVE on this YouTube feed, starting at 7:00 p.m. Talk about the game, Jimmer Fredette's dancing or whatever. Just be nice.It's still sports!

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