5:29 AM EDT, Sat July 02, 2016
Clips Nation Jun 2, 2016

NBA Finals: J.J. Redick has the absolute best take on tonight's Game 1 between the Cavs and Warriors

Redick has become the spokesperson of his generation. J.J. Redick -- who as we know is a vociferous podcaster and expresser of many solid, smart opinions -- pretty much summed up the feelings of every single NBA player who will not suit up in tonight's Game 1 Finals match between the Warriors and the Cavaliers. Lol, J.J. "As a human though- I'm jealous and hope both teams lose." Maybe if the Clippers can stay healthy next postseason, they'll have a chance to play for a trophy.
Clips Nation Jun 2, 2016

Should the Los Angeles Clippers re-sign Cole Aldrich?

The Clippers got a bargain when they inked Cole Aldrich to a minimum contract last summer, but he'll almost surely opt out in search of a more lucrative deal next month. Should the Clips be the team that pays him? Robert Flom (@RichHomieFlom): The Clips should absolutely try to re-sign Cole Aldrich. He was one of the biggest bright spots in this fairly miserable 2015-16 season, proving himself to be one of the best backup centers in the NBA. Still youngish, Cole is going to be a big commodity, and for good reason. He can score in the paint, protect the basket and rebound the ball. If the...
Clips Nation Jun 2, 2016

NBA Draft 2016: NCAA Wings For the Clippers to Target (Part 2)

Here are some long-shot prospects at the Clippers' biggest position of need. In the weeks leading up to the NBA Draft, we're going to look at a ton of possible selections for the Clippers.  This time around, we're checking out some potential selections on the wing--where the Clippers have their most dire need roster-wise.  Not all of these players are natural fits at SF, but they're all intriguing prospects, even if they would be best at the SG or PF positions.  Please note that analysis of these players is largely secondhand after reading and watching scout video from a variety of...

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