9:49 PM EDT, Sun April 26, 2015
Blog a Bull Apr 13, 2015

Bulls vs. Nets final score: a blowout win in Brooklyn

With Derrick Rose back, it's both remarkable yet understandable how having above-average point guard playmaking makes that much of a difference for this team. And the offense, both when he played and when he sat, was pretty spectacular in resounding destruction of the Nets in Brooklyn. The Nets had their playoff lives to play for, but the Bulls have some motivation as well: not only seeding, but getting Rose acclimated with his teammates (and vice versa) and trying to very quickly determine a postseason rotation. Alas, there isn't a Bulls game with some kind of injury report, as Joakim...
Blog a Bull Apr 8, 2015

Joakim Noah's season of decline

Even though it has rarely been acknowledged, Joakim Noah's play this season has seen a sharp decline. Joakim Noah is still the emotional and spiritual leader of the Bulls. No one is questioning whether or not Joakim Noah is playing every game like it's his last. However, he's not a great basketball player anymore. And frankly, what we've seen from him this season should be very disconcerting moving forward. In October, it was reported Noah's surgically repaired left knee would be problematic all season. And it turns out that report was true. Although it was rarely acknowledged --...

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