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Detroit Bad Boys Apr 20, 2015

2014-15 Pistons player reviews: John Lucas III

In the first of a series of player reviews, let's take a look at how John Lucas III performed for the Pistons. How did he do? Since November 3 of the 2007-08 season, it has seemed that the point guard position has been a position of weakness for the Pistons. An aging Allen Iverson, a thrown to the wolves I'm-not-a-point-guard Rodney Stuckey, a wildly inconsistent and turnover prone Brandon Knight, and then Brandon Jennings in the year of the Jith. And that's just the starters. Thanks to injuries, this year was no different. A week after Brandon Jennings went down with a season ending...
SLC Dunk Mar 31, 2015

Utah Jazz Free Agency 2015: What a lot of cap space looks like

More proof of Dennis Lindsey's wizardy We go a little hard about the NBA Draft, and hopefully this could be the last season in a while where we'll have to do that. As Utah Jazz fans we've never really made a splash in NBA Free Agency despite some seasons of having a lot of cap space. Really, the last three big Unrestricted free agents the team signed in July were Trevor Booker, John Lucas III, Randy and Foye. Part of the reason is that our front office is smart, and were saving all of that cap space for extending guys like Gordon Hayward, Derrick Favors, and Alec Burks -- while having...
Detroit Bad Boys Mar 31, 2015

Pistons vs. Hawks final score: Andre Drummond, JLIII lead Pistons past Hawks

Atlanta let their starters play, but the Pistons still dropped the Eastern Conference leaders. John Lucas III hasn't played in nearly three weeks. But with Reggie Jackson under the weather and Spencer Dinwiddie out with a sprained ankle, the Pistons needed big minutes from Lucas. And he brought it. The Pistons went into the fourth quarter leading 76-72, and opened up with a nice run led by Reggie Jackson to put them up by 11. But the Hawks being the Hawks responded with a run of their own to cut things to five. Jackson went out after just a few minutes in the fourth, but Lucas was good with...

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