2:35 PM EDT, Tue October 06, 2015
CelticsBlog Oct 2, 2015

The Boston Celtics might use more traditional lineups, but they can still be versatile

Prepare for a different flavor of versatility this season. Brad Stevens could use more traditional frontcourt pairings this season, since the Boston Celtics have a roster brimming with bigs. That means Jae Crowder and Jonas Jerebko might play more small forward. That's exactly what happened during Tuesday night's practice at TD Garden; the Celtics' "green team" had a starting lineup that featured Crower and Jerebko at shooting guard and small forward, with Isaiah Thomas at point guard. As previously covered on About.com, the trio of Thomas, Crowder, and Jerebko was one of Boston's...
CelticsBlog Sep 25, 2015

At the podium: Jonas Jerebko

Jonas Jerebko used the majority of his time at the podium talking about how happy he is to be back in green. The Swede signed a 2-year, $10 million contract with Boston this offseason, damning long-term security by agreeing to a completely non-guaranteed second year. Jerebko stated that he got a few phones calls on July 1, but "the most important call came from here (Boston) ... It was an interesting offseason but I knew what I wanted and I got what I wanted." Jonas Jerebko excited to be back in Boston. Cited Brad Stevens as a big reason he wanted to re-sign. pic.twitter.com/SK0LGmPuNv —...
CelticsBlog Sep 22, 2015

Jonas Jerebko fills a need for the Boston Celtics

After a nice finish to last season, Jonas Jerebko should play a useful role this year for the Celtics. Jonas Jerebko arrived in Boston without much fanfare last season. He was involved in the midseason Tayshaun Prince trade that also netted the Celtics Gigi Datome. Despite the relatively low expectations, Jerebko performed well after joining the team. He added a spark off the bench and helped Boston's unlikely trip to the playoffs. He retuned to the Celtics in free agency after signing a two year, $10 million deal. Coming into this season, what does Jonas Jerebko bring to the Boston...

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