8:54 AM EDT, Mon August 29, 2016
CelticsBlog Aug 10, 2016

Could Jae Crowder be the Celtics Biggest Overachiever?

Can an easier role make Jae Crowder the Celtic the biggest overachiever? In today’s addition of the Celtics Summer Forecast, a bunch of the staff weighed in on who would be the Celtics biggest overachiever. For the most part our staff was split between Gerald Green and Jaylen Brown (with a Jonas Jerebko cameo by Bill Sy), but I went in a different direction: Alex Kungu, Red’s Army (Crowder): I don't like the term overachiever, but I do think that Crowder is moving down the offensive totem pole and his role will better match his skill set. I could see a 3-point percentage in the high...