10:58 AM EST, Sun November 23, 2014
Los Angeles Times Nov 20, 2014

Clippers' Jordan Farmar has his best game of the season against Magic

In 10 games since joining the Clippers over the summer Jordan Farmar has underwhelmed.
Lakers fans let Farmar have it

Lakers fans let Farmar have it

LOS ANGELES – The boos came with 49 seconds left in the first quarter and Jordan Farmar was ready. He knew there would be some unforgiving Lakers fans who wouldn’t let him forget that he shed his purple-and-gold jersey for a Clippers one this...
Rotoworld Oct 31, 2014

Jordan Farmar plays 10 minutes as backup - Jordan Farmar (G) Los Angeles Clippers

Jordan Farmar played 10 minutes as the second-string point guard on Thursday with six points, one assist, one steal and two 3-pointers.

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