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Fantasy Update

Jul 27, 2014
Knicks PG Pablo Prigioni is excited to play alongside former teammate Jose Calderon this season.
Posting and Toasting Jul 23, 2014

How much of an upgrade is Jose Calderon?

Jose Calderon is a much better offensive point guard than Raymond Felton. How does he compare defensively? Jose Calderon will assume Raymond Felton's old position as the Knicks' starting point guard, a move that's been praised almost universally. But how much of an upgrade is Calderon on both ends of the court? On offense, the difference is obvious. According to Basketball Reference, Calderon's career offensive rating (which can be murky, but through nine years worth of evidence, is reliable) is 119 compared to Raymond Felton's career 103 offensive rating.  Calderon also has a career...
New York Post Jul 15, 2014

Calderon pumped to join Knicks, ready to lobby Marc Gasol

Point guard Jose Calderon was traded three weeks ago from Dallas to the Knicks, but he didn’t really become teammates with Carmelo Anthony until Sunday’s official announcement of Melo’s re-signing....

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