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New York Post Nov 21, 2015

How Afflalo’s Knicks return has silenced Jose Calderon critics

HOUSTON — Suddenly the calls for point guard Jose Calderon’s head have ceased. Partly coinciding with Arron Afflalo’s healthy return to the backcourt, Calderon has looked like a legitimate point guard the past seven games entering Saturday night’s game at Toyota Center against the Rockets. Calderon averaged 10.1 points per game in that span, shooting...
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Knicks 102, Hornets 94: Scenes from the dawn of Kristaps

Hey. The thing where the Knicks stop executing in the last 5 minutes, and the thing where all the bench guys take the floor at once and blow leads ... both those things could be better. The Knicks should have had this game wrapped up much earlier. THAT SAID, I had a ton of fun tonight. I'm glad the Knicks held off another Hornets comeback to get themselves back to .500. I'm glad Carmelo Anthony played a rounded, rugged game with love and charity for all, even on a night when he couldn't catcha break. I'm glad Jose Calderon, Arron Afflalo, and -- most of all -- Langston Galloway hit some...
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Jose Calderon's been getting buckets going to his left

A look at how Jose Calderon has been able to knock down his shots the past few games Jose Calderon has been starting and smarting the Knicks with sludge-sodden perimeter defense and uncharacteristically wobbly shooting since he was traded to New York. Recovering from a a left achilles strain can't possibly be easy on those 34 year old wheels. Nevertheless he should be able to find his way a little bit as the team congeals. After all, he added fifteen pounds of brainpower this off season. For some reason I remain a Calderon optimist, if only on occasion. I guess the concept of shooters...
Raptors HQ Nov 10, 2015

DeMar DeRozan talks road trip, Jose Calderon and more

DeMar DeRozan talks with the media following Tuesday's shootaround. He discusses the Raptors' two-game losing streak and what adjustments they need to make for tonight's game against the Knicks.
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Pod Strickland #4, featuring Charlie Osborn

Stingy and Charlie talk basketball stuffs. Hey team, new entry for you on this fine Monday. Thanks to all who are listening and a special thanks to the crew submitting questions. Keep asking, and they'll keep getting answered. We think you're real neat, and we're so happy to be able to share with you! Today's featured guest is our own, Charlie Osborn! "Veteran savvy" is an often overrated facet of NBA basketball, but it's a succinct description of why the Knicks will probably lose tonight. — Charlie Osborn (@charlestosborn) October 30, 2015 Very excited for this episode. Charlie...
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The Kristaps Porzingis Guide to Saying Badass Quotes

He plays hard on the court; he quotes hard off the court. Kristaps Porzingis is hard. The 7'3" big man from Latvia may weigh as much as your little sister, but he is beasting supposedly tough NBA opponents inside, ranking sixth in offensive rebound percentage. Now Kristaps is starting to bring some of that feistiness to his interview sessions, where he balks at the assertion that we should be surprised by his rugged, all-out playing style (via Newsday's Al Iannazzone): "It's a weird question," Porzingis said. "That's the way I should be. I should be aggressive on the court, especially now...
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Jose Calderon is also very irritated by his poor play this season

He talked to the media yesterday about his performance so far this year. Jose Calderon has not had a good season; on that, Knicks fans can all agree. I don't want to speak for anyone else, but I know that I have been fairly harsh, both on this website and in personal conversations, when writing/speaking about Calderon's play this year. Hell, just three days ago, I spent more time complaining about Jose than praising Kristaps Porzingis in my recap of the Knicks' loss to the Bucks, even though Kris had an amazing game (that was the night he threw down those two MONSTER dunks). Point is,...
New York Post Nov 9, 2015

Jose Calderon fires back at haters, but won’t cry over benching

There was Jose Calderon, in the locker room following the Knicks’ 99-95 victory Sunday over the Lakers, giving reporters who cover the team a heartfelt rant regarding his new role as scapegoat for all that goes wrong at the Garden. Amid mounting calls for Calderon to be yanked from the starting lineup, the 34-year-old Spanish playmaker...
New York Post Nov 9, 2015

Carmelo calls out Lakers heckler — and Knicks fan bystanders

Carmelo Anthony oddly wrapped up the Knicks’ afternoon Garden win Sunday by concluding his post-game, on-court MSG Network interview heard on the arena loudspeakers by saluting a Lakers fan who was riding him all game. “He was just heckling me the whole game,” Anthony said later, in the locker room. “It’s cool. I’ve never seen...
New York Post Nov 9, 2015

Lakers hint they misjudged Porzingis as D’Angelo Russell struggles

Kobe Bryant and Kristaps Porzingis could have been teammates, could have been the reason Bryant stuck it out one more season. In fact, Lakers coach Byron Scott hinted they miscalculated the 7-foot-3 Latvian rookie’s immediate impact when the club chose point guard D’Angelo Russell with the second pick of the draft. After the game, Bryant...

Jose Calderon: 'Doesn't matter' if I start or come off bench

Jose Calderon: Doesnt matter if I start or come off bench

Derek Fisher's foul language toward ref gets him ejected

Derek Fishers foul language toward ref gets him ejected

Carmelo Anthony trusting and believing in new Knicks

Carmelo Anthony trusting and believing in new Knicks
New York Post Nov 8, 2015

If this was it, Kobe Bryant’s MSG send-off was a beauty

It wasn’t officially a farewell send-off, though it certainly felt like one. Kobe Bryant wore his purple-and-gold uniform in the Garden for the first time since 2012 and just about everybody in the building was guessing this might be the last time he would perform at the World’s Most Famous Arena. Perhaps for the first...

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