9:53 PM EDT, Mon September 01, 2014

Josh Howard making push for NBA return

The jump shot seldom betrays the pure shooter. It is the rest of the body that, with age, breaks down like a car with too much mileage. It is the ankles, battered through too many stops and starts, twists and turns. It is the knees that have endured so many liftoffs and landings. But a good jumper? That can last a lifetime. On his best days, Josh Howard stopped on a dime in that perfect sequence when his defender backpedaled a step too far and help defense remained a step away.
Rotoworld Aug 14, 2014

Josh Howard hopes to catch on with NBA team - Josh Howard (G/F) San Antonio Spurs

Josh Howard is hoping that he'll get a chance to continue his basketball career in the NBA.

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