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Jan 28, 2015
Josh Smith racked up 18 points, six rebounds, two assists, a steal, three blocks and four 3-pointers on 7-of-13 shooting in Wednesday's win over the Mavs.
The Dream Shake Jan 28, 2015

Bench leads Rockets over Mavericks, 99-94

Josh Smith knocked down four three pointers, tying a career high. The Rockets bench combined for 47 points in a win that finally showed us that Houston can make the necessary stops down the stretch and finish big plays in crunch time. Josh Smith and Terrence Jones showed up to play, leading the bench with 18 and 10 points, respectively, and shooting a combined 11-for-21 from the field. Both players had key blocks late in the fourth quarter to sustain Houston's lead—Smith against Tyson Chandler and Jones against Monta Ellis; Josh Smith also finished a well-planned inbounds play with less...
Rotoworld Jan 28, 2015

Josh Smith does it all without Dwight Howard - Josh Smith (F) Houston Rockets

Josh Smith racked up 18 points, six rebounds, two assists, a steal, three blocks and four 3-pointers on 7-of-13 shooting in Wednesday's win over the Mavs.
Houston Chronicle Jan 27, 2015

Josh Smith gets a few tips from Hakeem Olajuwon

On Tuesday, Josh Smith spent some time with former Rocket Hakeem Olajuwon working on post moves. It wasn’t the first time the two worked together. Smith said several years ago, he worked with Olajuwon in Sugar Land, but kept it under wraps. “I have worked with him in the past,” Smith said. “ I really […]
Grand Rapids Press Jan 26, 2015
5 things to watch: Introducing Josh Smith, Detroit Pistons fans, Josh Smith -- give him a big hand

5 things to watch: Introducing Josh Smith, Detroit Pistons fans, Josh Smith -- give him a big hand

The ex-Piston returns to The Palace of Auburn Hills for the first time since he was released Dec. 22, now with the Houston Rockets, while LeBron James visits as a Cleveland Cavalier.
The Dream Shake Jan 22, 2015

Game Recap: Rockets lose composure, experience déjà vu against Warriors

The Rockets prove that the second time isn't a charm, as they lose another game against the Golden State Warriors, 126-113. With three minutes left in the third quarter, Josh Smith (5 points, 2 rebounds, 14 minutes) seemly got fouled on a shot attempt in the paint. He rose up against Andrew Bogut, losing the ball, but coming down favoring his right knee. Clearly frustrated with the no call, Smith voiced his frustration at a ref and was ejected after two quick technicals. Too bad it was one of the sorriest attempts at drawing a foul. He barely got touched, didn't get hurt, and seemed to keep...
Detroit Bad Boys Jan 19, 2015

Forming a f***ing wall with Josh Smith's bricks

With apologies to all real bricklayers out there, I'm going to tackle a little DIY project around my house (the Palace of Auburn Hills). The Detroit Pistons have won nine of 11 games since releasing Josh Smith and have found a rallying cry of sorts thanks to Stan Van Gundy's off-the-cuff declaration to "form a f***ing wall" to seal a last-second win against the San Antonio Spurs. We've already talked about why the rallying cry is such a perfect fit in Detroit, went over how the Pistons attempted to execute it, and why doing so is such a good defensive strategy. But, you know, metaphors...
Detroit Bad Boys Jan 15, 2015

Josh Smith says leaving Pistons was 'a blessing'

Josh Smith sits down with The Washington Post's Michael Lee, where he discusses being waived by Detroit and joining the Houston Rockets. The Pistons have never looked back since waiving Josh Smith over three weeks ago – but neither has he, as the new Rockets forward has enjoyed his time in Houston, where he's been coming off the bench (willingly no less) and playing within McHale’s offensive structure. Houston has gone on a similar run as the Pistons since moving Smith to the bench, and the Atlanta-native doesn’t seem to be too miffed about having his minutes and role reduced. In an...

Will Pistons make any trades?

The Detroit Pistons, not counting Wednesday's loss to the New Orleans Pelicans, have played extremely well after waiving Josh Smith. Currently Holling...
Detroit Bad Boys Jan 13, 2015

Tom Gores opens up on Josh Smith, Stan Van Gundy and the Pistons finally winning

TNT's David Aldridge interviews Pistons owner Tom Gores about the Pistons' recent success since Josh Smith's departure. When Stan Van Gundy took over the Detroit Pistons, he expressed the desire to connect the floor to the front office, instilling a real culture and stability within the organization. Josh Smith’s dismissal was weeks in the making according to Stan, and when the first-year coach came to Gores to discuss the move, the Pistons owner wasn’t surprised, as he discussed in an excellent interview with TNT's David Aldridge. Stan and Tom communicate often, with Gores pointing...
Houston Chronicle Jan 11, 2015

Defensive identity suiting Rockets just fine

The Rockets have been able to maintain the defensive identity they sought early in the season all year, and with the new additions of Corey Brewer and Josh Smith, they have become even better on that side of the ball. Since Brewer joined the team, the Rockets have increased steals from 8.9 per game to […]
Houston Chronicle Jan 9, 2015

Josh Smith doesn’t worry about Detroit criticism, says ‘no hard feelings’

As Josh Smith’s former team rolled to success without him that it never enjoyed with him, Smith said he has been nothing but happy with their success, a point that he made directly to his former teammates with text messages throughout their first seven games – all victories, including a sweep of a back-to-back in […]

How McHale plans to use Josh Smith

Josh Smith has been with the Houston Rockets for nine games and he's been a starter for four of them. Head coach Kevin McHale moved Smith to the bench...
Houston Chronicle Jan 8, 2015

Kevin McHale says recent role of Josh Smith related to ‘getting him comfortable’

• • • NEW YORK – Rockets coach Kevin McHale could offer little insight about how he felt with the rotation now that he has Josh Smith coming off the bench, usually checking in for Dwight Howard. That was because McHale said the move was not made based on his preference, but for Smith’s. “The […]
Toronto Star Jan 8, 2015
Detroit Pistons’ hot streak after waiving Josh Smith shows less is more

Detroit Pistons’ hot streak after waiving Josh Smith shows less is more

In this week’s Nothing But Net, a look at Detroit’s incredible run, the sale of the Hawks and the Raptors next three games.
Houston Chronicle Jan 7, 2015

Josh Smith knows Pistons are winning but focuses on Rockets

Rockets forward Josh Smith has become a basketball social media sensation for what he has not done in weeks. Smith has not played for the Pistons since Dec. 21, but the Pistons have gone 6-0 since waiving him. They took their most impressive of those wins on Monday when they completed a comeback from an […]

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