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J.R. on Woody: 'He did a good job with me'

J.R. Smith knew this day was coming, but that didn’t make it any easier to digest. "It is sad,” Smith told ESPN’s Josina Anderson when asked about Mike Woodson’s firing. “He was great to me. I think I got a fair shake for the first time in a while under him. He treated me how he wanted to be treated. It sucks, but there is nothing I can do about it. "I think he did a great job," Smith added. "I think he did a good job with me.

Opening Tip: If Woodson's out, who's in?

About an hour after after the last game of the Knicks' miserable season, J.R. Smith took some time to reflect on the uncertainty surrounding his coach. "He's in a tough situation," Smith said of Mike Woodson. "It's a situation that he's been in all year. Pretty much not knowing his place and where he's going to be; whether he's going to be here, whether he's not going to be here. I think it's a tough circumstance to deal with and I just hated that it had to be him because he's a great person and a great coach.
New York Daily News Apr 17, 2014
J.R. says Melo too unsatisfied to go

J.R. says Melo too unsatisfied to go

J.R. Smith still has hope that Carmelo Anthony, his longtime teammate with the Nuggets and the Knicks, will decide to stay in New York as a free agent this summer.
New York Post Apr 16, 2014

J.R. Smith has two good reasons to be psyched for Phil Jackson

J.R. Smith said he can’t wait for his exit meeting Thursday with new Knicks president Phil Jackson to “pick his brain,’’ considering the Zen Master has had success with a...

J.R. weighs in on Melo: He’ll still be here

NEW YORK -- J.R. Smith is one of Carmelo Anthony's closest friends in the NBA. The two have played together for seven seasons. So when Smith says something about Anthony, it's worth listening. Here's what the shooting guard had to say about Anthony's pending free agency: "In my heart, I believe he’ll still be here. It’s just a matter of him coming up with that decision. Whatever it is, we’re still going to be friends 'til our dying days, so I mean, whether he’s on my team or he isn’t, I still love him like a brother.
Rotoworld Apr 15, 2014

J.R. Smith scores 14 in Knicks win - J.R. Smith (G/F) New York Knicks

J.R. Smith played 23 minutes and hit 3-of-8 shots and three 3-pointers for 14 points, seven rebounds, three assists, a steal and a block in Tuesday's win.
Posting and Toasting Apr 8, 2014
Let's get J.R. Smith all the three-point records

Let's get J.R. Smith all the three-point records

For the Knicks, the playoffs start now! (And by "playoffs," I mean letting J.R. take every shot imaginable). People always seek to destroy that which is beautiful. You may have noticed this if you stopped by Twitter on Sunday afternoon. The New York Knicks' 2013-14 season had already burned down to the very foundation that afternoon in Miami. But amid the cinders rose shooting guard J.R. Smith, like a phoenix with an inner-ear infection, soaring to the heavens one moment and crashing through the walls of basketball decorum the next. J.R. set an NBA record with 22 three-point attempts and a...

New York Knicks guard J.R. Smith breaks Trail Blazers' Damon Stoudamire's 3-point attempt record

Smith hit 10 of 22 threes, and finished 11 of 28 for 32 points, shooting a much better percentage (45 percent) than Stoudamire (24 percent) did when he first set the record.

STAT: Knicks shot too many 3s vs. Miami

It doesn’t sound as if Amar'e Stoudemire was all that happy to see J.R. Smith set the NBA single-game record for 3-point attempts on Sunday. “We had a chance to win the game,” Stoudemire said after the Knicks’ 11-point loss to the Heat. “They went small and we shot threes.” He added: “We didn’t take advantage of our size.” Stoudemire didn’t call Smith out by name, but it’s fair to assume Stoudemire wasn’t pleased with the shooting guard’s 22 3-point attempts.
Heat Index | ESPN Apr 6, 2014

Shane Battier contains Knicks' launch party

MIAMI -- Try, as hard as you can, not to think about J.R. Smith’s 22 3-point shot attempts in Sunday’s game against the Miami Heat just yet. Try not to think about how perfectly it lines up with Smith’s career narrative (he’s been equal parts punch line and production) that those shots came in a 102-91 loss, and that the performance came while the Knicks are in a desperate playoff push. Because there were more meaningful elements to the 102-91 Heat win than Smith’s attempts, even if it does allow one to point out that the Memphis Grizzlies as a team have not attempted as many...
New York Post Apr 6, 2014

Knicks’ Smith hits club record of 10 3-pointers on 22 attempts

MIAMI — J.R. Smith couldn’t even manage a hint of a smile after making history and cracking the record books. As he always seemed destined to do, Smith set the...
Posting and Toasting Apr 6, 2014
Heat 102, Knicks 91:

Heat 102, Knicks 91: "J.R. Smith was born for that record."

Yeah, they lost and the season is probably over, but... Early in Sunday's game, LeBron James could barely walk in the straight line and things were going great. Raymond Felton was dominating in transition, J.R. Smith wouldn't miss, but most of all, LeBron couldn't throw an accurate pass or get a shot to drop. The Knicks led 16-3 early, and had LeBron finished the game with 48 turnovers and 0-16 shooting, they probably would have won. But LeBron's really good, the Knicks are quite bad, and this was obviously never going to happen. Just like the season itself, the Knicks were doomed all along...
New York Post Apr 5, 2014

Woody: Amar’e was open for layup

There was so little time for J.R. Smith to react. He got the ball with less than three seconds and flung. But Smith admitted if he had a do-over on...
New York Post Apr 5, 2014

Smith can’t bail out Knicks as last-second heave falls short

To J.R. Smith, it doesn’t matter if he is 12-of-12, zero-for-a-billion or if somebody else is shooting lights out. Smith is a shooter and regardless, he would like the last...

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