7:49 PM EDT, Tue May 31, 2016
Pounding The Rock May 7, 2016

Spurs outplay Thunder in fourth quarter to grab 2-1 series lead

San Antonio was very lucky Roberson forgot to take his will assertion pills before the game. Game 3 Western Semi-Finals At. Oklahoma City: Spurs 100, Thunder 96  Series: 2-1 SA I admit, I had my doubts before, but the Spurs confirmed something for me tonight once and for all. Chesapeake Arena is no longer a house of horrors for them, a building of blue-clad boogeymen where Spurs teams treat the ball like it's coated in Kendrick Perkins' underarm sweat, the refereeing crews always seem to be looking the other way and Thunder role players keep having a maddening habit of stepping up at just...