5:37 AM EDT, Sun July 31, 2016
CelticsBlog Jul 25, 2016

Drawing parallels between the 2007 Kevin Garnett trade and 2016 Celtics rumors

The Celtics have been involved in a number of rumors this summer. What can be learned from the reporting of the 2007 Kevin Garnett trade saga? Nine years ago around this time the Boston Celtics were on the verge of acquiring Kevin Garnett, but the public didn’t know it. After weeks of speculation prior to and after the 2007 NBA Draft, the rumors had fizzled in Boston. The focus was on other matters like the Tim Donaghy betting scandal, Michael Wilbon’s comments about Boston being a racist city, and Doc Rivers’ thoughts on fans overrating Al Jefferson. There was even a 12-day stretch...
CelticsBlog Jul 23, 2016

Report: Boston Celtics sign Gerald Green to one-year guaranteed deal

The Celtics are filling out their roster by signing former promising prospect Gerald green to a one-year deal. The Boston Celtics are filling out the back end of the roster, as Sporting New’s Sean Deveny reports they will sign former prospect Gerald Green to a one-year, guaranteed deal. The Celtics drafted Green 18th overall in the 2005 draft before including him in the Kevin Garnett trade in 2007. Green brings experience, athleticism and average three-point shooting to the back of the rotation. In a quest to become uber-athletic and constantly fast-breaking, Green fits the need. After...

Lessons of NBA free agency aren't lost on Timberwolves

Amid the big moves, Minnesota did well by staying out of the fray.
Posting and Toasting Jul 4, 2016

Joakim Noah's eternal hatred of Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce makes him a true Knick

Certain traditions are sacred at MSG. Today, the 4th of July, is a day for America. It's a day to celebrate what makes America great, and to practice the traditions of our illustrious forefathers. In other words, today is a day for hating on Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce. Movingscreen McGoo and his pet turtle may no longer play on the same team, or have much impact on the league, but they still stand for everything this country is against: hating foreigners, pretending to be crippled during the Finals, and being beloved by Boston sports fans in general. Fortunately, there is one man in the...
Canis Hoopus Jul 4, 2016

Monday Musings: The 4th of July

The NBA free agency madness continues today as we celebrate America's independence day. The Timberwolves's new front office made their first splash in the free agency market yesterday with the signing of Cole Aldrich, a journeyman center who has been able to carve out a role for himself in the league through his hard work, defense, and rebounding skills. Aldrich was signed to a reasonable deal, especially considering the new cap, at 3 years and $22 million. He will definitely help bolster our front court that was left in tatters during the latter of last season when Kevin Garnett and Nikola...

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