4:04 PM EDT, Thu May 05, 2016
CelticsBlog Apr 19, 2016

Avery Bradley finishes sixth in defensive player of the year voting

Highest Celtics finisher in the voting since Kevin Garnett in 2011-2012. Defensive player of the year has always been an award for the anchors of a NBA defense, the big guys down the middle who hold together systems with their overwhelming interior presence. Dikembe Mutombo won the award four times, as did Ben Wallace, and Dwight Howard took the award home three years in a row from 2009-2011. In fact only seven non-bigs have broken the mold and won since the award began following the 1982-83 season. When it comes to wings and DPOY, at least in my eyes, it takes a very special perimeter...

Garnett can show his fondness for the Wolves by leaving $8M on table

The Timberwolves could do considerably more with $8 million next season than to give it to Kevin Garnett to return as a mentor.

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