2:59 AM EST, Mon November 30, 2015
20 years ago today, Kevin Garnett made his NBA debut

20 years ago today, Kevin Garnett made his NBA debut

The Timberwolves veteran broke into the league before a dozen of today's players -- including two teammates -- were born.
NetsDaily Oct 30, 2015

New York Magazine asks, "Why are Brooklyn Nets fans so optimistic?"

Are the Nets fans "optimistic" in the face of overwhelmingly pessimistic punditry, as Nathan Pemberton writes for New York Magazine?  Have they learned from experience not to have expectations? Or do they know something?! Maybe it's because of the negativity being peddled by pundits (you know, that they're "putrid" or "pocket lint" or "arguably the worst team in the NBA") or that they used up all their delusion in 2013 when their owners were ready to design championship rings following the trade for Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce. Whatever, as we say in the borough of no expectations. The...
Orange County Register Oct 29, 2015

Lakers impressed by way Julius Randle stood up to trash-talking Kevin Garnett

EL SEGUNDO – Julius Randle snarled as Kevin Garnett dipped his head and barked in his ear. Randle spat out trash talk of his own, edging closer to Garnett as the 21-year veteran was hit with a technical foul. To the delight of his Lakers teammates,...

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