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In their pursuit of Kevin Love, the Bulls have reportedly offered the Wolves a package of Taj Gibson, Doug McDermott and Nikola Mirotic.
Jul 18, 2014
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Chris Broussard talks about what's changed for the Cavaliers in their pursuit of Kevin Love and why they are now willing to trade Andrew Wiggins.
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Chicago Bulls making a play for Kevin Love: Report

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Another team has emerged as a threat to the Cleveland Cavaliers' pursuit of Kevin Love. The Chicago Bulls have offered Taj Gibson and rookies Nikola Mirotic and Doug McDermott in exchange for Minnesota's three-time NBA All-Star, according...
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Why are Bulls suddenly hot on Kevin Love?

Kevin Love to the Bulls doesn't make a ton of sense. I've talked about this several times before. The clear trend in the NBA is perimeter stars win championships. San Antonio, Miami and Boston were outside-oriented. The Lakers won two titles with the standard, two-star format – one inside (Pau Gasol) and one outside (Kobe Bryant). Love, Gasol and Joakim Noah on the same roster would give the Bulls a powerful rebounding game, but that hasn't been a championship formula in recent years. Miami won two titles as one of the league's worst rebounding teams. read more
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Danny Ainge has moved on from Kevin Love, and so should we

Danny Ainge has moved on from Kevin Love, and so should we

I honestly gave up hope on Love once the Celtics drafted Marcus Smart, and once James signed with Cleveland. It was a nice thought for a while. Love and Rondo connected at the Red Sox game. Love also took pictures at Red's statue. It was a dream, and the deal could have happened. It had some teeth. But now, Danny is willing to aid the Cavs and Wolves in a potential deal. The white flag has been waived, as it should be waived.CSNNEIf the Cleveland Cavaliers do get Kevin Love and win an NBA championship, Danny Ainge may just get a ring, too.Having already played a big part in allowing the Cavs...
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BS of the Suns Podcast Episode 60: WNBA All-Star Game, Kevin Love Trade Rumors, and so much more with Nate Parham

Podcast for your ears. In this episode Nate Parham (@NateP_SBN) joins the conversation to talk about numerous topics revolving around the WNBA (check out Swish Appeal), the Phoenix Suns, and the Golden State Warriors (check out Golden State of Mind). This week we explore the 2014 WNBA All-Star Game, the second half of the season with what to expect, Kevin Love trade rumors, Steve Kerr a head coach, and the Team USA Select Squad that includes one Sun and two Warriors on the roster. Big things happening in the world of basketball in the Valley so let's get to it: Podcast: Tune In Link:...
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Bulls make ‘significant offer’ for Kevin Love

A source said that the two headlining names in the package for Love were Taj Gibson and Doug McDermott, “as well as a few other assets.’’
Canis Hoopus 11 hours ago

An Evening of Love

Thought it was time for a quick round-up/overnight Kevin Love post. Because we aren't talking about that enough. It was another eventful day on the rumor mill while the Wolves try to squeeze as much as they can out of a Kevin Love trade that now seems inevitable.  I thought the last thread was getting a bit laggy, so here is fresh thread goodness. What we know is that the two primary suitors at the moment are the Cavaliers and Bulls.  The Bulls situation became somewhat more clear (we think) today, as it was reported in multiple places that they are offering Taj Gibson, Nikola Mirotic,...
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Are Bulls really in the mix for Kevin Love?

The Bulls have reportedly upped their offer for Love. Are they truly serious players in these negotiations? When it first came out Tuesday that the Bulls had "renewed interest" in Kevin Love, it did feel like a leverage play by the Wolves to try and get the Cavs (or even the Warriors) to up the ante. But that initial report has been followed up by several others that make it seem like the Bulls really are making a concerted effort to acquire Love. First came the report from Chris Sheridan that said the Bulls were offering Taj Gibson, Nikola Mirotic and Doug McDermott. The deal was said to...
Rotoworld 13 hours ago

Boston no longer going after Kevin Love - Danny Ainge (C) Boston Celtics

The Celtics are ready to move on from their pursuit of Kevin Love, according to CSNNE.com.
SLC Dunk 13 hours ago

Utah Jazz Podcast: Kevin Love to the Cleveland Cavaliers is a bad look, Utah Jazz summer league impressions, and star power

Phil and I were at it again! Phil (@FlashTennis31) and I were back at it again, with two segments talking about how dumb the Cleveland Cavaliers would be to mortgage their future for Kevin Love; and we also talked about the Utah Jazz. MINUTES after we stopped recording the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Utah Jazz made a trade, with the hopes of making a future trade for Kevin Love. Life is hilarious. So, with that in mind, hear our unfiltered comments about how dumb Cleveland would have to be to pursue this type of action. And yes, there's plenty of Jazz talk as well in the final segment of...
Plain Dealer 15 hours ago
Separating fact from fiction when it comes to the Cleveland Cavaliers trading for Kevin Love

Separating fact from fiction when it comes to the Cleveland Cavaliers trading for Kevin Love

Ever since the Cleveland Cavaliers signed LeBron James, the rumors swirling around the Cavs have centered on one player: Minnesota's Kevin Love. The Timberwolves are willing to field calls on the three-time NBA All-Star who was once thought to be the building block for the Wolves.
Golden State Of Mind 16 hours ago
Wait, you mean maybe they really don't want to give up Klay Thompson for Kevin Love?

Wait, you mean maybe they really don't want to give up Klay Thompson for Kevin Love?

Trying to get inside the front office's mind in the Kevin Love non-trade. Recent news seems to have pushed the Warriors further and further down the "probable Kevin Love" destination ladder, which Cleveland and now Chicago emerging as the most likely destinations. There have been persistent rumors that the Warriors could have closed a deal for Love had they included Klay Thompson, but they declined to. Now, it is important to stress that we do not know if these rumors are true. After all, there have been rumors that the Cavs thought they had a deal, and then Minnesota asked for more. There...
Akron Beacon Journal 16 hours ago

Jason Lloyd: As teams line up for Kevin Love, contract clocks could impact negotiations

When the Cavaliers receive the paperwork on Andrew Wiggins’ signed contract, which is expected Thursday, the clock on a tedious 30-day waiting period that could drastically alter the future of the franchise will officially begin ticking.Forget about fantasies here. If the Cavs are going to consummate a trade with the Minnesota Timberwolves for Kevin Love — which many industry sources still believe is likely — they will have to include Wiggins. But until Wiggins’ contract is official, he holds zero monetary value in a deal that involves complicated rules involving the salary cap.If the...
Boston Globe 17 hours ago

Video: Uh Oh, Celtics Fans, Bulls Making Big Play for Kevin Love

Chris Sheridan breaks down his exclusive report that the Bulls offered three players to the Timberwolves for Kevin Love, whom the Celtics have been aggressively targeting.
Fear The Sword 18 hours ago
ESPN Analyst: Trading for Kevin Love should be a

ESPN Analyst: Trading for Kevin Love should be a "no-brainer" for Cleveland Cavaliers

As the debate over Wiggins-for-Love rages on, ESPN's Kevin Pelton argues that Love is a top-five player. In a piece for ESPN Insider today, Kevin Pelton argued that Kevin Love is "a top-five player in the NBA and one of the most valuable to ever hit the trade market." One of the main reasons that Pelton gives is Love's elite scoring ability: Love is not just a good scorer, he's a great one. He has managed to expand his perimeter game without sacrificing his interior scoring and trips to the free throw line. Last season, Love was one of four players in the league to average at least two...
Chicago Sun-Times 19 hours ago

Bulls offer Taj Gibson, Doug McDermott for Kevin Love — source

According to a Timberwolves source, the Bulls made a “significant offer’’ Wednesday morning for Kevin Love, and it’s an offer that is being “heavily considered.’’

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