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Silver Screen and Roll Jul 28, 2015

Kobe Bryant will 'probably' play minutes at power forward, Lakers tinkering with small ball lineups

Byron Scott thinks the Lakers added versatility to their lineup, and sees Kobe Bryant playing minutes at power forward every now and then. The Los Angeles Lakers are trying to propel themselves forward after a franchise-worst season, and it sounds like head coach Byron Scott is preparing to go outside of the box. Scott told NBA.com reporter David Aldridge there's a possibility Kobe Bryant will play power forward, "some games, against some teams." Before stressing about Kobe trying to cover Zach Randolph in the low-post, Scott seems to imply this will be a very situational tactic for the...
Silver Screen and Roll Jul 27, 2015

James Worthy: 'I know Kobe [Bryant] wants 6 championship ... he wants to tie Michael [Jordan]'

James Worthy knows Kobe Bryant wants a sixth ring, and thinks there's a way he can extend his career beyond the upcoming season. Kobe Bryant is in the final year of his contract with the Los Angeles Lakers, making chatter about his retirement plans a story that will trickle through the season. Bryant's thoughts on the the subject point to him wanting to wait and see how the season plays out before making any decisions about his career. James Worthy joined SiriusXM NBA Radio and gave his thoughts on Bryant's future, stating he believes there's a path for Kobe to continue his career beyond...
Silver Screen and Roll Jul 26, 2015

Lakers News: Kobe Bryant believes he can play small forward with 'absolute, 100% confidence'

It sounds like Kobe Bryant will finish his career at a new position. Los Angeles Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak's repeated public declarations that he sees Jordan Clarkson and D'Angelo Russell as the Lakers' backcourt for the next decade has increased speculation that Kobe Bryant will play primarily small forward next season, likely his last in the NBA after playing shooting guard for the vast majority of his Hall of Fame career. Bryant himself has accepted this change, at least according to Lakers head athletic trainer Gary Vitti, who told Mike Bresnahan of the L.A. Times Bryant...
Silver Screen and Roll Jul 22, 2015

Lakers weighing signing additional guard depth, Mitch Kupchak unsure about Robert Upshaw's future

The Lakers are weighing their options with their final roster spot. Los Angeles Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak spoke with media following the team's introductory press conference of Roy Hibbert, Brandon Bass and Lou Williams. He touched on various subjects, but most notably hinted at the possibility of needing to add another guard into the rotation. Kupchak projected the potential of Kobe Bryant and Nick Young focusing their minutes at small forward, leaving Jabari Brown, Lou Williams, Jordan Clarkson and D'Angelo Russell to handle full-time backcourt minutes. The Lakers' roster...
Silver Screen and Roll Jul 20, 2015

Kobe Bryant hangs out with FC Barcelona, enjoys a casual Monday

Kobe Bryant spent his Monday hanging out with FC Barcelona. What about you? Noted fútbol enthusiast Kobe Bryant spent his Monday afternoon watching FC Barcelona practice in Los Angeles, because that's what Kobe Bryant casually does on a Monday: And no cross-sport practice attendance is complete without a jersey swap. Here's the full video, via FC Barcelona's official Youtube page: Come back soon, NBA season. Missing you already.
NetsDaily Jul 17, 2015

The Shooter looking forward to new start in Brooklyn

Wayne Ellington is sort of the Nets forgotten free agent pick-up.  He didn't play for the Knicks --like Shane Larkin, Andrea Bargnani and even Quincy Miller.  He isn't one of the under-25 set like Larkin, Thomas Robinson, Ryan Boatright and who knows, maybe Cliff Alexander. But he did have as good a season last year as any of them, averaging 10 points and shooting 37 percent from three for the admittedly woeful Lakers, playing shooting guard in place of Kobe Bryant.  He's reliable and has a bargain basement contract $1.5 million or slightly above the vets minimum. It's also a million...
Silver Screen and Roll Jul 14, 2015

Jordan Hill says 'a lot of people can't handle' Kobe Bryant's jawing

What did Jordan Hill have to say about Kobe Bryant now that the two are no longer teammates? Former Los Angeles Lakers forward Jordan Hill signed a new deal with the Indiana Pacers worth a reported one-year and $5 million on Tuesday and was introduced to the local media. It was at this event that Hill told HoopsHabit's Shane Young that "a lot of people can't handle" Kobe Bryant's constant talking during practices and games: Hill saying that not a lot of players can handle Kobe's jawing, unless you're determined to not let it get under your skin #Lakers #Pacers #NBA A video posted by...
Byron Scott says he and Kobe Bryant will discuss minutes in 'another three or four weeks'

Byron Scott says he and Kobe Bryant will discuss minutes in 'another three or four weeks'

EL SEGUNDO – Byron Scott learned a hard lesson last year when, two months into the season, the Lakers player best at making baskets and drawing crowds, was physically drained and in need of a weeks-long break to recoup. Not long after, Kobe Bryant...

Kobe Bryant ends DeAndre Jordan Twitter 'emoji battle,' drops mic

We are all done here. The Los Angeles Clippers and Dallas Mavericks have entered an all out war for the services of free agent center DeAndre Jordan. Jordan had committed to join the Mavericks early in the free agency negotiating period, but is now reconsidering his decision as the Clippers send a contingent to meet with him in Houston. Rockets and Clippers players and coaches have taken to Twitter and the use of various emojis in an all out Anchorman style online brawl to get Jordan. It is as stupid and hilarious as it sounds. Kobe Bryant finally joined in on the fun, and I think it is...

Jordan Clarkson writes about 'incredible learning experience' with Kobe Bryant, reflects on his rookie season

The Lakers' first team All-Rookie guard wrote about his rookie experience on the Lakers. Jordan Clarkson's rookie season with the Los Angeles Lakers was the best part of last season, but before he goes through his second Las Vegas Summer League, he stopped by The Players' Tribune to write about his first year in the NBA. Jordan also gives his biggest piece of advice to the incoming rookie class, that Christmas Day missed layup, and the "incredible learning experience" he had with Kobe Bryant. Jordan recalled his first "welcome to the NBA" moment was one of the many times that Kobe...
CSN Washington Jul 2, 2015

Remembering that time Jared Dudley called out Kobe Bryant

Looking back at that time newest Wizard, Jared Dudley, took a couple of shots at Kobe Bryant. Yes, that Kobe Bryant.

NBA Free Agency: What Kobe Bryant said to LaMarcus Aldridge in the Lakers' meeting

A report of what Bryant had to say to Aldridge has surfaced. Kobe Bryant told LaMarcus Aldridge that he could trust the Los Angeles Lakers front office to make the kind of moves required to build a championship contending team around him, according to Kevin Ding of Bleacher Report. Bryant specifically told Aldridge about a time when he had "lost faith" in the Lakers, that he "did not believe the franchise could help him win again." That was in 2007, when Bryant spent his offseason publicly demanding a trade to the Chicago Bulls or even Pluto. Then the Lakers roared out of the gate in the...

Lakers informed LaMarcus Aldridge will not sign contract, didn't 'gel' with Kobe Bryant, according to report

The Lakers are out of the running for LaMarcus Aldridge. The Los Angeles Lakers have been informed that LaMarcus Aldridge will not be joining their team in free agency, reports Mike Bresnahan of the Los Angeles Times. Further, it's reported that Aldridge didn't "gel" with Kobe Bryant during the meeting, according to Bresnahan. Reports indicated that the Lakers were gaining confidence in their chances to sign Aldridge, and the team was given the chance to be the first pitch to the All-Star big man. The Lakers' pitch was "too focused" on opportunities for Aldridge off-court in Los Angeles,...

Lakers Free Agency Rumors: Kobe Bryant not attending DeAndre Jordan, Greg Monroe meetings

It sounds like Kobe is done recruiting free agents for now. Kobe Bryant will not attend the Los Angeles Lakers' meetings with unrestricted free agent big men Greg Monroe and DeAndre Jordan, according to Bill Oram of the Orange County register. Bryant did attend the Lakers' meeting with LaMarcus Aldridge in the opening hours of free agency, which reportedly went well, but it sounds like that will be the extent of his involvement in the free agency process as of this time. According to Broderick Turner of the LA Times, Bryant did call Jordan to attempt to lure him to the Lakers. Bryant...

Lakers meeting with LaMarcus Aldridge went 'really well,' Kobe Bryant was 'very good'

The Lakers have made their case to LaMarcus Aldridge, Now, they wait. The Los Angeles Lakers have concluded their meeting with LaMarcus Aldridge, clocking in approximately two hours to make their case to the All-Star power forward. The meeting went "really well," sources told ESPN's Ramona Shelburne. Details of the Lakers' pitch, and what the "special" plan they had lined up for LaMarcus, have yet to surface. The Lakers were represented by Jim Buss, Jeanie Buss, Mitch Kupchak, Kobe Bryant, Byron Scott, James Worthy, and several other high-ranking executives involved with the franchise....

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