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Remembering that time Jared Dudley called out Kobe Bryant

Looking back at that time newest Wizard, Jared Dudley, took a couple of shots at Kobe Bryant. Yes, that Kobe Bryant.

NBA Free Agency: What Kobe Bryant said to LaMarcus Aldridge in the Lakers' meeting

A report of what Bryant had to say to Aldridge has surfaced. Kobe Bryant told LaMarcus Aldridge that he could trust the Los Angeles Lakers front office to make the kind of moves required to build a championship contending team around him, according to Kevin Ding of Bleacher Report. Bryant specifically told Aldridge about a time when he had "lost faith" in the Lakers, that he "did not believe the franchise could help him win again." That was in 2007, when Bryant spent his offseason publicly demanding a trade to the Chicago Bulls or even Pluto. Then the Lakers roared out of the gate in the...

Lakers informed LaMarcus Aldridge will not sign contract, didn't 'gel' with Kobe Bryant, according to report

The Lakers are out of the running for LaMarcus Aldridge. The Los Angeles Lakers have been informed that LaMarcus Aldridge will not be joining their team in free agency, reports Mike Bresnahan of the Los Angeles Times. Further, it's reported that Aldridge didn't "gel" with Kobe Bryant during the meeting, according to Bresnahan. Reports indicated that the Lakers were gaining confidence in their chances to sign Aldridge, and the team was given the chance to be the first pitch to the All-Star big man. The Lakers' pitch was "too focused" on opportunities for Aldridge off-court in Los Angeles,...

Lakers Free Agency Rumors: Kobe Bryant not attending DeAndre Jordan, Greg Monroe meetings

It sounds like Kobe is done recruiting free agents for now. Kobe Bryant will not attend the Los Angeles Lakers' meetings with unrestricted free agent big men Greg Monroe and DeAndre Jordan, according to Bill Oram of the Orange County register. Bryant did attend the Lakers' meeting with LaMarcus Aldridge in the opening hours of free agency, which reportedly went well, but it sounds like that will be the extent of his involvement in the free agency process as of this time. According to Broderick Turner of the LA Times, Bryant did call Jordan to attempt to lure him to the Lakers. Bryant...

Lakers meeting with LaMarcus Aldridge went 'really well,' Kobe Bryant was 'very good'

The Lakers have made their case to LaMarcus Aldridge, Now, they wait. The Los Angeles Lakers have concluded their meeting with LaMarcus Aldridge, clocking in approximately two hours to make their case to the All-Star power forward. The meeting went "really well," sources told ESPN's Ramona Shelburne. Details of the Lakers' pitch, and what the "special" plan they had lined up for LaMarcus, have yet to surface. The Lakers were represented by Jim Buss, Jeanie Buss, Mitch Kupchak, Kobe Bryant, Byron Scott, James Worthy, and several other high-ranking executives involved with the franchise....
Silver Screen and Roll Jun 30, 2015

Kobe Bryant 'expected' to take part in Lakers' pitch to LaMarcus Aldridge, according to report

The Black Mamba is expected to be a part of the Lakers' pitch to the All-Star big man. The Los Angeles Lakers are meeting with All-Star free agent LaMarcus Aldridge Tuesday night as soon as free agency begins, and Kobe Bryant is "expected" to be a part of the team's pitch, reports Sam Amick of USA Today Sports. The Lakers are making a huge push to land the big man, and including Kobe in the process is certainly an important factor. The Lakers will have to sell Aldridge on a quickly-forming young core of talent, the salary flexibility to land additional star talent in the future, and the...
Silver Screen and Roll Jun 29, 2015

NBA Draft 2015: Larry Nance Jr. apologizes to Lakers fans for Kobe Bryant tweet, seems like a nice guy

Larry Nance Jr.'s career with the Lakers got off to a strange start, but he's very sorry about everything that happened. The Los Angeles Lakers drafted Larry Nance Jr. with the 27th pick in the 2015 NBA Draft, and it seemed like within minutes there was a brutal story stirring about an offensive Tweet he sent regarding Kobe Bryant back in 2012. Nance has since squared things away with Mr. Bryant, as he plans to call the Black Mamba, and took the extra step to apologize to Lakers fans for the incident: Laker Fans... pic.twitter.com/0Gz6NkNy5z — Larry Nance Jr (@Larrydn22) June 30,...
Plain Dealer Jun 29, 2015
Kobe Bryant forgives Los Angeles Lakers draftee Larry Nance Jr.'s 2012 'rapist' tweet

Kobe Bryant forgives Los Angeles Lakers draftee Larry Nance Jr.'s 2012 'rapist' tweet

Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant said he forgives draftee Larry Nance Jr. for a tweet he made in reference to Bryant in 2012.

Kobe Bryant calls old Larry Nance Jr. tweet 'water under the bridge'

Kobe Bryant says there's no hard feelings between him and new teammate Larry Nance Jr. concerning a disparaging tweet the 27th overall draft pick posted about the Lakers legend three years ago.
Silver Screen and Roll Jun 27, 2015

Kobe Bryant discusses what he wants to teach D'Angelo Russell

The art of understanding "why" is lost, but Kobe Bryant wants to make sure his newest pupil is ready to ask the right questions. Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant sat down with ESPN's Jemele Hill during BET's Genius Talks in Downtown LA for a livestreamed interview. Throughout the engaging interview Kobe was his unfiltered self, telling anecdotes about his past, personal life and more. Hill came around to the direction of the Lakers as the move forward following the draft and asked Kobe what he hopes to teach D'Angelo Russell as he begins his NBA career. "The biggest thing for a young...
Silver Screen and Roll Jun 27, 2015

Kobe Bryant once made a teammate cry, more quotes from 'Kobe: Unplugged'

Bryant was as quotable as ever in his most recent sitdown. Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant sate down with reporter Jemele Hill to discuss a variety of topics Saturday night for "Kobe: Unplugged", part of BET's "Genius Talks" series from the BET Experience this weekend. The always unfiltered Bryant told a few stories, but none topped his reveal that he once made a teammate cry. Despite pressure from Hill and the audience, Kobe would not reveal the player's name, but did say that it was a European player who most would not remember. What did he say to the teammate to make them cry? "I...
Houston Chronicle Jun 26, 2015

Lakers draftee Larry Nance deletes tweet ripping Kobe Bryant

It’s always good to think before you hit send on Twitter. Lakers draftee Larry Nance Jr. learned that lesson Thursday, when a 3-year-old tweet from the Wyoming product’s Twitter account resurfaced and went viral after he was drafted by the Lakers. Here’s the tweet, about Lakers veteran Kobe Bryant, whom Nance will be teammates with […]
Silver Screen and Roll Jun 24, 2015

The Lakers' reliance on Kobe Bryant ends with the 2015 NBA Draft

With the Black Mamba's career potentially coming to a close after this season, perhaps the Draft officially signifies the end to the Lakers' reliance on the surefire Hall of Famer. Well, if Kobe stays... everything will be alright. Well, if Kobe can whip his teammates into shape... everything will be alright. Well, if Dwight can just get along with Kobe... everything will be alright. Well, even though Dwight left, if Kobe can keep it together with Pau... everything will be alright. Well, if Kobe can come back and be just 80 percent of what he was... everything will be alright....

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