1:55 PM EDT, Wed August 24, 2016
Indy Cornrows Aug 17, 2016

Paul George leads Team USA defense to rousing 105-78 win over Argentina

Team USA rebounded from early struggles to win big against Argentina. Kevin Durant had 27 as the defensive efforts of Paul George, Jimmy Butler, and Kyle Lowry changed the game's complexion. Despite Team USA's ultimately impressive 105-78 victory over Argentina, it was Argentina that delivered the first punch, capitalizing on the United States' continued lack of ball movement and porous defense by jumping out to a 19-9 lead. Kevin Durant was the catalyst in the United States reaching those nine points, but Coach K was quick to make a lineup change that included Kyle Lowry, Paul George, and...
Raptors HQ Aug 11, 2016

Watch: Highlights of USA’s close win over Australia feat. a cameo by Kyle Lowry

The team from down under manage to put a scare into the presumptive favourites. Led by Carmelo Anthony’s 31 points, Team USA managed a 98-88 win over Australia in a surprisingly close game yesterday. Despite the almost preposterously talented roster, the latest iteration of the Dream Team actually found themselves without the lead early in the fourth quarter as Patty Mills and company refused to go away. Unfortunately — for fans of an upset — the lead wouldn’t last. Let’s watch. As an update on how our Raptors are doing in Rio, here we go: Kyle Lowry is making a dent in the...
CSN New England Aug 10, 2016

Steph gets schooled by USA men's basketball team

Team USA guard Kyrie Irving wasnt interested in teaching, but teammate Kyle Lowry stepped up, giving KGWs Steph Stricklen a dribbling lesson.

Kyle Lowry’s ode of appreciation for DeMar DeRozan

As part of the recent players union awards, Kyle Lowry was voted best teammate on the Raptors.

Hall of Fame president: Canceling the game “very, very difficult”

Pro Football Hall of Fame President David Baker says the decision to cancel tonights Hall of Fame Game wasnt easy but was necessary because of unsafe field conditions. This is a very, very difficult decision for us today, Baker said on ESPN. A lot of these fans came a long way. But we think its

Hall of Fame Game canceled due to field conditions

Players who were supposed to play in Sunday nights Hall of Fame Game are tweeting and texting that the game is off. The game is officially canceled due to poor field conditions at Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium in Canton, Ohio. The Hall of Fame Game is generally the first preseason game and is

If there’s no HOF Game, someone should have seen this coming

What used to be called Fawcett Stadium underwent a complete renovation, as did the Pro Football Hall of Fame and the area surrounding it. So when news broke that the Colts and Packers had concerns about the playing surface for Sunday nights Hall of Fame Game, it wasnt that much of a surprise. ESPNs Adam

Poor field conditions jeopardize Hall of Fame Game

Tonights Hall of Fame Game, the annual NFL preseason opener, is in jeopardy of being canceled as a result of poor field conditions. ESPN, which is scheduled to televise the game tonight, reports that the wrong paint was used on the midfield and end zone logos at Tom Benson Stadium in Canton, Ohio, and it

Luke Walton went to Rams training camp to learn from Jeff Fisher

Waltons a rookie coach, maybe he can learn something from a grizzled veteran.

Whoa, watch these KHL coaches fight

Former NHL goalie Peter Skudra (pictured) vs. Yevgeni Popikhin.
Raptors HQ Aug 5, 2016

Kyle Lowry named Teammate of the Year by his Raptors peers

The award is part of the annual NBPA "Players Voice". This week, the National Basketball Players' Association announced their Players Voice awards. Kyle Lowry, who seems like a nice, funny guy, was given a Best Teammate award, selected by his Raptor peers. Check out the Eastern Conference #PlayersVoice Award winners for Best Teammate pic.twitter.com/zOywj3ycXq — NBPA (@TheNBPA) August 4, 2016 Lowry, as we know, is a well-liked player in the locker room and this is a nice way of confirming it. After a surly start to his career, this is another example of his character growth, and how he...
Raptors HQ Jul 25, 2016

Jared Sullinger is apparently already on the Lowry Workout Plan

The photographic evidence is compelling. Ever since Kyle Lowry set the fitness bar in Toronto last summer, all professional athletes coming into the city have had a body of work (literally) to which they could aspire. You see, despite being a super hard worker on the court, Lowry had always been dinged for being a bit, hmmm, pudgy. Now, not pudgy like you and I are pudgy; Lowry could still bowling-ball down the lane with the best of them. But pudgy in that some of Lowry's opponents appear to be carved out of solid granite. It's a tough standard they got there in the NBA. Anyway, enter Jared...