11:58 PM EDT, Thu July 28, 2016
Raptors HQ Jul 25, 2016

Jared Sullinger is apparently already on the Lowry Workout Plan

The photographic evidence is compelling. Ever since Kyle Lowry set the fitness bar in Toronto last summer, all professional athletes coming into the city have had a body of work (literally) to which they could aspire. You see, despite being a super hard worker on the court, Lowry had always been dinged for being a bit, hmmm, pudgy. Now, not pudgy like you and I are pudgy; Lowry could still bowling-ball down the lane with the best of them. But pudgy in that some of Lowry's opponents appear to be carved out of solid granite. It's a tough standard they got there in the NBA. Anyway, enter Jared...
Raptors HQ Jun 29, 2016

Raptors Player Review: Kyle Lowry, the man below nothing

If you missed it, Kyle Lowry was absolutely incredible this season. This was Kyle Lowry's season. All of the record breaking, precedent setting and arena rocking that took place in Toronto this year was a product of Lowry's season-long brilliance. Masai Ujiri put the pieces in place, but Lowry was the adhesive that bound them into a Conference Finals-worthy team. He fulfilled the off-season muscle-watch hype, he avoided the physical breakdown that left the Raptors stranded in 2014-15 and he shot down the endless unwarranted questions about his mental fortitude in the playoffs with a string...

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