7:51 PM EST, Sun November 29, 2015
Los Angeles Times 21 hours ago

Clippers' Jordan has plenty to say about Stephenson's bounce-back game

It's become a postgame locker-room tradition in recent days, DeAndre Jordan playfully discussing a Clippers teammate who had contributed to a victory with that very teammate standing nearby. Lance Stephenson had already dressed and was ready to depart Staples Center on Friday night after the Clippers'...
Clips Nation Nov 28, 2015

Film Room: Lance Stephenson showed up and made us feel some feelings

No one knows what his status is on this team anymore, but Lance Stephenson had a very nice performance Friday night as the Los Angeles Clippers defeated the New Orleans Pelicans. This Film Room will be diving into it. The arrival of Lance Stephenson in Hollywood was something that either made you cringe or made you smile. He’s the unopened box of Christmas toys; there’s no telling what joys or horrors are waiting inside for you. There have been joyful moments, horrific moments, hilarious moments, sad moments, and just moments that make you want to wonder what you’re even doing with...
Orange County Register Nov 28, 2015
Lance Stephenson shows what he can do as Clippers beat Pelicans: What you need to know

Lance Stephenson shows what he can do as Clippers beat Pelicans: What you need to know

LOS ANGELES – The Lance Stephenson experience isn’t the easiest thing to describe. His first two two months with the Clippers have produced the following things: • Lance knocking a protein shake out of Austin Rivers’ locker, spilling it all...
Clips Nation Nov 2, 2015

Lance Stephenson's passing can do wonders for the Clippers

We've only seen him for three games, but Lance Stephenson's playmaking ability is already paying dividends for LAC. The Los Angeles Clippers made a slew of roster moves over the summer, though none came with as many question marks as the decision to bring in Lance Stephenson. Stephenson, of course, spent last season with the Charlotte Hornets, where he was (statistically) one of the very worst regular rotation players in the NBA. However, Doc Rivers pulled the trigger on the deal with the hopes that Lance would regain the tremendous form he showed back in 2013-14 with the Indiana...
Clips Nation Oct 30, 2015

The Lance Stephenson Interview

Jag was Born Ready to Interview Lance Plus Austin Explains his $25K Sleep Train Arena Pillow Fight The Clippers come out of the gate hot and win both games of their back to back season kick off.  Jag goes one on one with Lance "Born Ready" Stephenson.  Plus hear exactly what happened from Austin Rivers and his infamous 25,000 dollar pillow fight at Sleep Train Arena. Undefeated.0.m4a

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