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Aug 26, 2014
Lance Stephenson has released a freestyle rap that gave a shoutout to Indiana and Kemba Walker.
Rotoworld Aug 26, 2014

Lance Stephenson moonlights as rapper - Lance Stephenson (G) Charlotte Hornets

Lance Stephenson has released a freestyle rap that gave a shoutout to Indiana and Kemba Walker.
Rufus on Fire Aug 25, 2014

Lance Stephenson drops a freestyle

Hornets guard Lance Stephenson is exploring his interests outside of basketball and released a freestyle over a beat used by Bobby Shmurda. Hornets guard Lance Stephenson has been pretty quiet this offseason -- until now. Stephenson released a freestyle (interpretations of the word "freestyle" may vary) over one of the hottest beats out right now, Bobby Shmurda's "Hot N***a". And, if the title of the original indication, this song should be listened to in private. But wait! Before we go any further, I need to reiterate what I just said. This is a very, very NSFW song. If you're at work, or...
Queen City Hoops Aug 20, 2014

Social Media Snapshot: The Hornets are Buzzing This Summer

In this first edition of our Social Media Snapshots, we take an overview of the Hornets’ online activity, and recommend some follows. Must-Follow: Lance Stephenson The Hornets’ biggest offseason signing is also one of their most active on Instagram. He got chuckles at his press conference when he mentioned that he thought himself to be “a funny guy,” no doubt […] The post Social Media Snapshot: The Hornets are Buzzing This Summer appeared first on .
Rufus on Fire Aug 20, 2014

Can Lance Stephenson and Gerald Henderson Play Together?

The Charlotte Hornets added Lance Stephenson with Gerald Henderson still on the roster. Can they coexist? Good teams in the NBA have what we call "depth." Having more than one talented player at a position is a huge benefit as long as both players' skillsets complement each other. On the other hand, having two talented players at the same position with redundant skillsets is what we call a cluster-you-know-what. With Lance Stephenson and Gerald Henderson, the Hornets will be hoping for the former. But we will have to wait until the season to see if they can actually play together. The...
Indy Cornrows Aug 18, 2014

Lance Stephenson enjoying the good life in NYC this summer

After cashing in with the Charlotte Hornets in free agency, Lance Stephenson is spending some time back home and spending some of that new contract. Lance Stephenson doesn't exactly enjoy dealing with the media. Unless he's done something special on the court or there's something in it for him, he'd just as soon pass on any ad hoc inquiries. But in New York, blowing off the media has some consequences, so I couldn't help but laugh out loud when reading how Lance made an appearance in this New York Post article on Carmelo Anthony by Frank Kerber. While the article focused on Melo and the...
Blazersedge Aug 11, 2014
Damian Lillard vs. Lance Stephenson in 1-on-1 Tournament

Damian Lillard vs. Lance Stephenson in 1-on-1 Tournament

Blazer fans get the chance to vote for Damian Lillard in a 1-on-1 Tournament against Lance Stephenson. Sister site Pounding the Rock has initiated a huge 1-on-1 Tournament pitting various NBA players against each other. Portland's shining hope is young superstar Damian Lillard, currently matched up against Lance Stephenson in the first round. Blazer fans know what to do about that, I presume? Here's the link to the matchup page. Ethically I can't tell you how to vote or anything like that, but let's just say that for these purposes, Lance Stephenson is a putz and, well, the link's right...
Rufus on Fire Aug 1, 2014
Bee stings: Lance Stephenson shows off wicked handle in pickup game

Bee stings: Lance Stephenson shows off wicked handle in pickup game

New Hornets Lance Stephenson apparently dropped one heck of a stat line in a pickup game yesterday with 47 points, eight rebounds and eight assists, according to Complex Sports. He also had one heck of a highlight that he uploaded to his Instagram account: Obviously he's not going to be able to do that kind of stuff against NBA talent, but his ballhandling skills are evident. In other news, the odds of Chris Douglas-Roberts returning to Charlotte don't look great, if his reaction on Twitter to a fan is any indication. :-( @CharBlogcat — King Fresh (CDR) (@g55_CDR) August 1,...
Indy Cornrows Jul 31, 2014

Knox Indy Pro Am ready to end summer play in style with Paul George and Lance Stephenson

The Knox Indy Pro Am is a great opportunity to watch some local pros in an intimate setting. Paul George and Lance Stephenson are expected to headline the summer finale. The Knox Indy Pro Am has two more nights of basketball this summer with a big finish expected for the season finale on Saturday, Aug. 9. Indiana Fever assistant coach and Knox Indy Pro Am founder, Carlos Knox has kept the top hoopers in the area busy the past several summers with various showcase games featuring NBA and college players, most with local ties. Lance Stephenson has been a frequent player dating back to the...

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