8:23 PM EDT, Thu August 27, 2015
Clips Nation Aug 20, 2015

Lance Stephenson News: New Clippers Guard on a Mission

In Indiana he was a hero, in Charlotte he was a villain. In L.A., 'Born Ready' is on a mission. Lance Stephenson was one of the best guards in the NBA two years ago. He was the ultimate triple-double threat, handling the ball on offense picking up assists, while being arguably the best rebounding guard in the NBA. Combine that with risky, yet highly effective defense, and you had a guy who was incredibly valuable. Fast forward a season and Lance's image is a shadow of that. Charlotte's offense featured a ball dominant point guard along with no perimeter shooting, two things that are recipes...
Clips Nation Aug 7, 2015

Film Room: Lance Stephenson Edition

In this installment of the Film Room series, we're going to take a look at another new Clipper, Lance Stephenson. He had a rough year but there might be some hope. Last season was such a shock to the system of Lance Stephenson that it went down as one of the worst shooting seasons in the history of the NBA. He’s one of just six players ever to log at least 1500 minutes in a season, attempt 100 threes, and still finish with an Effective Field Goal Percentage of under 40 percent. Out of those six, he’s the only guy to ever have a True Shooting Percentage under 42 percent, as well....
Clips Nation Jul 31, 2015

Lance Stephenson is in the Gym, 2 Times a Day, 7 Days a Week

Lance Stephenson dropped a new rap track today, showing that he has skills off the court, and for an NBA player, he's not that bad. Hopefully what he says in his rap is true, and this is just a hobby. Many NBA players have tried for years to have a second career as an MC. Shaq Kobe Bryant Cedric Ceballos Even former Clipper Malik Sealy So today, Lance Stephenson dropped a new rap song. He's not that bad. He should stick to basketball (unless he continues to play like he did last season), but if his NBA career ends early, he can try to become a rap star. In the song, he talks...
Los Angeles Times Dec 31, 1969

Just how ready is 'Born Ready' Lance Stephenson for his 1st season with the Clippers?

They wouldn't leave Lance Stephenson alone. The all-stars from Staten Island would score and point directly at the Clippers small forward, hardly inconspicuous even as he milled about the sideline in jeans and a dark blue T-shirt with a couple of heavy chains around his neck.

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