8:38 AM EDT, Tue March 31, 2015
Brew Hoop Mar 25, 2015

Dissecting Khris Middleton's interview with Zach Lowe

The Bucks' roster has provided more than its fair share of compelling storylines this year. Jabari Parker's already-in-the-bag Rookie of the Year award campaign and his subsequent soul-crushing injury. Giannis Antetokounmpo the highlight factory, Larry Sanders shocking the NBA world by stepping away from basketball. The Bucks even traded their starting point guard and leading scorer. But there may be no more surprising player-related story than Khris Middleton making a rapid development from ancillary role player into primary scoring option and cornerstone of an elite defense. We've talked...
Blazersedge Mar 9, 2015

I Don't Know Anything About Larry Sanders: A Personal Reflection on Depression and Basketball

Larry Sanders and I have something in common but reflecting on my own experience with depression and basketball was more a reminder of how little we actually know about the players we follow. The smell of sweaty socks fills my nose as my sneakers squeak below me The echo of the ball off the hardwood travels through the rafters Peace I was 11 years old when I wrote that, sitting in the back row of my fifth grade classroom at Lauren Middle School. I’m sure I had written a poem before but that’s the first one I remember. It was supposed to be descriptive and I can still see Mrs....

For boy battling cancer, Larry Sanders still stands tall

Larry Sanders may not be a favorite of Bucks fans these days, but his acts of kindness — and the lime green bracelet he wears — have had a lasting impact on 7-year-old Joseph Lazarewicz, who is battling cancer at Children’s Hospital.
Blazersedge Mar 4, 2015

Should NBA Players Be Able to Smoke Marijuana?

The travails and talent of Larry Sanders bring up a quandary for one Trail Blazers fan. An interesting Mailbag question comes our way today, just the kind we like! Dave, I read with interest your recent mailbag answer on Larry Sanders where you said (paraphrasing here) that if his offense is "just" marijuana we should let it go and make him a Blazer.  I was wondering how that stance fit in with your personal opinions on drugs and even more how it would go over in your day job as a minister.  Just curious. Chris G The short answer is that I don't see any conflict between my personal or...
Golden State Of Mind Feb 28, 2015

On mental health, Larry Sanders, and defining seasons

These are my thoughts of mental health and how it's hard to discern what may or may not be going through a player's head during the ups and downs of their careers. There is a scene in the superb Larry Sanders feature by ESPN's Kevin Arnovitz that nearly had me in tears: At breakfast, Sanders was approached by a 50-something financial analyst from suburban Milwaukee. Sanders' large frame had just folded itself into a chair at a window table in the cafe inside the Pfister Hotel. The consultant apologized for the interruption, then paused for Sanders to give him an OK before continuing....

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