1:21 AM EST, Mon January 26, 2015
Indy Cornrows Dec 31, 2014

Why Lavoy Allen is a Luke Walton All-Star

If named a Rising Star, Solomon Hill may be the only Pacer included in this year's All-Star weekend festivities. As such, Lavoy Allen's distinction as a Luke Walton All-Star should be celebrated. On Monday, Grantland's Zach Lowe released his fourth-annual list of Luke Walton All-Stars, among those making the cut was none other than former Philadelphia 76er and current Pacer, Lavoy Allen. For those out of the know, a "Luke Walton All-Star" is defined by the NBA's version of Spock as a journeyman thriving in an unexpectedly large role. Given the criteria,  there is no question that Allen -...

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